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'Homestuck' Possible Arcs: #1 Feferi Peixes

Feferi's possible character development could've been great!

Love You (Feferi's Themesong)

Feferi Peixes was a great but short lived troll in Andrew Hussie's Homestuck. She was the highest tiered troll in the Hemospectrum, a hierarchy of 12 blood colors, burgundy being the lowest and fuchsia being the highest. As heiress of the Alternian throne and caretaker of Gl'bgolyb, a massive creature capable of killing the whole trollian race, she has a lot of pressure on her shoulders. She was also a Derse Dreamer and a Witch of Life. In this article I will be explaining possible (BUT NOT CANON) outcomes of her development and how it should've, (in my opinion) gone. SPOILERS FOR Homestuck BEYOND THIS PARAGRAPH! Let us begin. 

Feferi is first seen killing other troll's lusii for food for her own lusus, Gl'bgolyb. She was also first seen paired with Eridan in the killing, cluing to us that they have a relationship of some sorts. It is later found out they are moirails, and this relationship is not very stable. Later, her and Sollux start up a matespritship, angering Eridan. Eridan goes on later to kill half of Sollux and completely kill Feferi.

Some other details include: 

  • She was against the culling of her race
  • She was against the Hemospectrum 
  • She was a Derse Dreamer 
  • Her dream self was killed by Bec Noir before she could explore Derse
  • She was a Witch of Life

Had Eridan not been so overbearing, had their moirailigence been better than it originally was, I think they could've become great matesprites. Eridan did truly care for Feferi, and later it is seen when he is Erisolsprite that he regrets killing Feferi. Feferi, while being Fefetasprite, is excited to see Erisolsprite, meaning she probably has forgiven Eridan for his actions. 

Had she killed Eridan instead of him killing her, I think she would've regretted it later on. Even if Sollux wouldn't care, she would. As her ex-moirail and possible matesprite, they were very close ever since they were very young. And Feferi being the very caring person she is, she would regret it. I think she wouldn't be able to live with herself and either;

A) Commit suicide

B) Live depressed

Had she been not against culling her own kind, she would've been a very fierce leader. Half of the cast would be dead, especially with her godtier powers as a Witch of Life. If she could manipulate and bend life and health to her will, she could quickly kill off any enemies. She would become more and more like her dancestor, Meenah Peixes. Eridan and her would be rulers, and she would probably go through with his plan of exterminating all the land dwellers. 

Had she been able to godtier in the pre-retcon timeline, things would be very different. She could revive everyone so they could godtier, and with those godtier powers, perhaps have defeated Bec Noir and dealt with Lord English with the Beta and Alpha kids. Things would've gone much more smoothly if Feferi had godtiered. Alas, she did not. However it is seen in one panel that a dead dreambubble Godtier Feferi is reviving Wayward Vagabond. How come we didn't get her to revive the rest of the cast? Hussie, shame on you!

Had she not had to have kept her lusus' voice down to avoid the Vast Glub, she could've lived far more freely, perhaps doing a lot more as a heiress. She could've, pre-sburb, have fought for equal rights among the trolls. However, we will never see this happen.

In comparison to the other heiresses we've seen, in both Hiveswap and Homestuck, she is the most benevolent and pacific heiress there is. HIC, Trizza Tethis and Meenah Peixes are all very VERY aggressive and genocidal. She goes as far as to date Sollux Captor, a gold blood (the 3rd lowest tier on the Hemospectrum). This shows how little she cares about the Hemospectrum.

I hope you enjoyed the possible arcs I gave. More will come in the future! If you have any questions/suggestions please DM me on twitter, my handle is @viiginunimii.

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'Homestuck' Possible Arcs: #1 Feferi Peixes
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