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How To Have a Successful YouTube Career

I spoke with several successful YouTubers and asked them how to make a career on the platform.

Everyday countless numbers of people try to make a career for themselves on YouTube. Whether they view YouTube as a way to make some nice money on the side or as a full-time career, people are constantly looking for advice on ways to separate themselves from everyone else on such a crowded platform. I interviewed several big YouTubers to get their advice on how someone can become successful on YouTube.

The Jovenshire: First things first. Audio is key. It's the most important thing in a video. If the audio sucks, the brain dismisses it. You can have the funniest video ever, but if the audio isn't good, it's a waste.

Very VERY important. There are many jobs in new media. Not just being a "YouTuber." If you want to be a YouTuber, you're going to limit yourself. Learn all sides of the job. Learn how to edit, learn how to produce. Any job you could think of in Hollywood, it exists in New Media. From creative, to post production, to lighting and tech. It's all needed. Learn it all.

Be a personality. Sometimes a polished video with giant production quality isn't needed. YT started with people just talking into their cameras. It's still that today. But you have to have a vibrant personality. I'm not saying get a funny accent and get crazy on camera. Just be you... just kick it up a few notches.

Watch YouTubers you like, and see what they are doing right. Editing style, format of videos, thumbnails. But DO NOT BECOME THEM. We don't need another Pewdiepie. We need the next big thing. No one else can be you as well as you can. Use that to your advantage.

Blameitonjorge: Since I do lists and countdown videos, I'd say try to cover something that hasn't been done before. If it has, make it either longer or more specific. For example, tons of channels have done videos about Ripoffs of Popular Movies, so I decided to do Pixar Ripoffs. Same concept, but specifically tailored to Pixar Movies. That's just me though.

I Like To Make Stuff: Just get started, YESTERDAY! You’ll never be fully prepared because the landscape is constantly changing. Get started NOW and change and grow as you go. No matter what you start with, it’ll be embarrassing later, so get it out of the way and get better!

Beta64: Do it because you love doing it. Starting a YouTube channel just to make money or to be famous isn’t going to get you anywhere. Your heart just won’t be in it. People will want to watch you being passionate about your subject matter and gravitate towards it. You just need to find a niche you love to make videos on and go for it!

Steve Zaragoza: Never give up. It's not about how many followers or subscribers you have, it's about how true to yourself and hard working you are. Stick with that, and people will take notice.

Charriii5: Do not try to be original right away. By this I mean in what kind of content you make. Make something people will recognize and want to see. I tried to be original when I first started out and well... Nobody cared. Even to this day, nearing 75,000 subscribers, not even 1% of them bother to watch my original content if it doesn't feature something related to video games. I think most of that comes from people caring about the content I make as opposed to myself as a creator. And originally, that's what I wanted: I couldn't care less if people liked me as the creator, but I wanted people to like the things I made, the stories I told, the characters I invented. But it is certainly difficult to have people watch other things you do if you isolate yourself from your actual content. People need to see and/or hear you to care about your other projects; they need to know you, the person. But most importantly, if you enjoy making it, odds are people will enjoy watching it. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. 

Trisha Hershberger: Anyone trying to get into this crazy world - stay true to you! There is an audience out there for every voice and people want to watch you for who you already are, so embrace and be that fully. If you find you don't enjoy all the other things that go along with creating YouTube videos (editing, distribution, designing thumbnails, marketing strategy) then don't fake it. Do what you enjoy because life is too short.

Tipsy Bartender: My advice is simple. Do not become a YouTuber! Your videos should be on so many other platforms that the title "YouTuber" is not sufficient to describe you. If you fail to diversify, your brand will die!

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How To Have a Successful YouTube Career
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