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How to Kevin Feige a Superman Universe

Let's Marvel DC.

With the recent news of Henry Cavill's possible (can anyone actually confirm this yet) removal/exiting Superman we are left wondering what is next. Most of us can agree that DC/Warner Bros have not produced the best Superman films as of late, although Henry Cavill's portrayal as Superman was spot on.

This made me think; how would I reboot the Superman Universe? Would I try to build another connected universe, a new solo trilogy, a variety of one off films like the upcoming Joker movie? Below are my notes, DC/WB feel free to contact me for additional information or job offer.


The movie opens to the original John Williams score. During the 5-minute opening, the complete origin of Superman happens, from Krypton blowing up to the first time putting the suit on. 

Superman is firmly established when the film starts, however he is a rookie reporter and we are introduced to Lois Lane and Perry White. The villain of the film is Brainiac. Brainiac is from Krypton and escaped/uploaded (think Superman the Animated Series) just before the planet blows up. 

Brainiac introduces Kryptonite and the bottle city of Kandor. Superman is able to defeat Brainiac and bring the bottled city back to the fortress of solitude. Movie ends with Lex Luther, a scientist, finding a few pieces of Kryptonite.

Superman 2: Luther

A young photographer, Jimmy Olsen, joins the Daily Planet and Clark takes him under his wing. Lex tries to convince the world how dangerous Superman is to no avail. 

We are introduced to a soldier who hates Superman named John Corben. After a life threatening accident to Corben, Lex takes him back to his lab and creates Metallo using the piece of Kryptonite he stole from the previous movie. 

Lois falls in love with Clark after she uncovers the truth that he is Superman. In the end, Superman defeats Metallo and places Lex in jail. The movie ends with something falling out of the sky making a huge crater. Out of the crater crawls Doomsday. 

Superman 3: Doomsday

Within the first 15 minutes, Superman and Doomsday fight and they both die. From the ashes Eradicator, Superboy, Steal, and Cyborg Superman are born, where they are showcased for the next hour and a half. 

Lois uncovers that all four Supermen are imposters. Last 30 minutes, Superman comes back to life and rids the world of both the Eradicator and Cyborg Superman. During the fight, Superboy sacrifices his life to save Superman while Steel decides to go back being John Henry. In the closing moments, a boom tube opens up and Darkseid appears. 

Superman 4: Darkseid

For Superman’s final outing, Clark marries Lois. Lois takes over the Daily Planet from Perry White who retires. Lex is released from prison, Jimmy becomes a reporter and finds out about Clark's secret identity. 

Darkseid makes his presence known after observing Superman for a few weeks. During their first meeting, Darkseid beats Superman and levels half of Metropolis. Lex works with Superman to develop a weapon to place Darkseid back on Apokolips. 

The series closes with Clark and Lois lying in bed and talking about Clark possibly retiring from being Superman, just then Clark hears a women screaming. Clark looks at Lois, and they both realize the world needs him too much for him to retire. The last shot is of him flying out of their apartment to the John Williams score. 

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How to Kevin Feige a Superman Universe
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