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How 'Twilight' Actor Jackson Rathbone Found An Evil Niche On 'The Last Ship'

Jackson Rathbone shines in his new role, and we can't wait to see me.

Jackson Rathbone played Jasper Hale, a vampire struggling to control his thirst, in The Twilight Saga. He couldn't give in to the darkness within him — because the first taste of blood wouldn't be enough, and he'd end up killing his victim. Fast forward to 2017, and Rathbone has undertaken a new role, one that allows him to revel in the kill.

Playing Giorgio, the unofficial leader of a Greek Island, Rathbone controls who lives and who dies. Nearly unrecognizable with his long hair and beard, he's both merciless and greedy, and there's almost a sense of glee in him as he plays the part.

Going up against the hero of The Last Ship, Tom Chandler, Giorgio is as smug and cocky as he is dangerous — and even when he's answering to a higher-up, he comes across as still in command, a far cry from his days as Jasper Hale. Whereas the role on #Twilight restrained Rathbone, The Last Ship has given him free rein to set the demons free, and he isn't wasting a second of screen time.

Twihards may have a hard time seeing him as this type of character, but he's proving that it's what he's meant to play. Rathbone is clearly having fun with the role, as evidenced by his Twitter feed; he wryly comments on fans who dislike the character, and courts more contempt with arrogant responses.,

Giorgio is, without a doubt, a hated character on the show, and as we all know that these types of guys get their comeuppance — in this case, possibly before the season ends. But there are seven more episodes to go before The Last Ship Season 4 draws to a close. That leaves Giorgio plenty of time to cause a lot of damage.

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How 'Twilight' Actor Jackson Rathbone Found An Evil Niche On 'The Last Ship'
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