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Hufflepuffs Are Adorable as Fuck

Hufflepuff Appreciation Article

Since writing my article, The Day I Discovered I Was A Slytherin, I felt the urge to write an article about the other three houses: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor. I'm a Slytherin and I'm proud of it, but I think the other three houses are just as amazing. I like all of the four Hogwarts Houses because I think they can represent some amazing abilities and traits. By default, you have to be an amazing person if you've got your letter of acceptance from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

Helga Hufflepuff's house is truly a reflection of the founder's personality. Hufflepuff is an institution that values loyalty, friendship, dedication, and equality, all traits that are extremely valuable in every aspect of life. All these traits equate to kindness. They bring out the best in human nature. Whilst the other three houses values traits that are useful for certain purposes. Gryffindor's traits of bravery and chivalry are useful for fights, wars, and other kinds of adventures. Ravenclaw's traits of wit and intelligence are useful for all academic ventures in life, whilst Slytherin's traits are essential in business. Hufflepuff's traits are useful in all three. 

I think it's a disgrace that people consider Hufflepuff as the weakest of the four when it's clearly been established that they are all as great as each other and Hogwarts would be incomplete without all four of the houses. A prime example of Hufflepuff's greatness is Cedric Diggory who was the ideal student and he also excelled in sports and in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. His death was mourned by the whole of Hogwarts and left a legacy of the house. 

Then there's Susan Bones, who was in the same year as the golden trio. She's not seen much in the films other than the first two, but her small presence gave a big impact for me when we learn that a lot of her family were killed by death eaters and it's shown that she understands what is was like for others. This is a prime example of Hufflepuff thinking. 

They're also very in-touch with nature and looking after themselves. The Hufflepuff Basement is near the kitchen so they have easy access to food and nutrition. Their head is head of herbology and what's been shown in the details of Hufflepuff's house and a few characters we see in the films and books, it's very clear that the Hufflepuff Basement acts like one big happy family. 

Hufflepuffs make the greatest friends because they work hard and are fair, and they are less likely to let you down. They will look after you and treasure you for life. All the friends I have that have been sorted into Hufflepuff match all of Helga Hufflepuff's admired traits. 

Their mascot is a badger: a cute little badger. How adorable is that? It's so adorable and is also secretly badass at the same time. I was in London MCM Comic Con and saw a lot of people in their Hufflepuff cloaks; it made me smile. 

I feel like Hufflepuffs should have more respect and recognition. Hufflepuffs don't get a lot of limelight in the films and are shown not as often in the books. And with the birth of Pottermore, and being able to find out what houses we are in, the Hufflepuff pride is now truly come to life celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter and we're hoping for 20 years more. 

To this day, there is still a part of me that wishes I was in Hufflepuff instead of Slytherin, but I honestly love all four Hogwarts houses and stand by the belief that all of us share some of the traits of the Hogwarts houses which makes the series more compelling and character driven.

Because Hufflepuffs are kind, often think about others before themselves, aim for equality and diversity and reward people who work their bytts off and also aim to do their best, that's why Hufflepuffs are indeed adorable as fuck! 

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Hufflepuffs Are Adorable as Fuck
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