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I'm Pumped For Deathstroke Coming To The DCEU! But Where Are The Women of DC?

Ben Affleck revealed Deathstroke's inclusion in the DCEU, but where are all the female DC characters?

The current collection of DC Films have been met with mixed reviews, yet have earned millions of dollars. The gritty realism and the characters have been praised in some cases and questioned in others. Yet, regardless of your opinion on the darker atmosphere and tonal differences from Marvel, DC is chunking away towards the pinnacle of heroic awesomeness with The Justice League.

So let's get this out of the way before we get too far in, Deathstroke is coming to the DCEU and that is freaking awesome news!! The news was leaked by Ben Affleck himself, and it has caused the internet to become a blur of speculations about what Warner Brothers and DC are cooking up for the future of the DCEU, and rightfully so. If you missed it, take a look at what Ben revealed on Twitter while on set in London for The Justice League.

So it looks as though this cryptic video is the "official/unofficial" announcement of Deathstroke's addition to the DCEU. And as glorious as the footage is, it makes me wonder where the love is for all the ladies of DC. Deathstroke's introduction to the DCEU is every fan's dream, and it's exciting to think about all the possibilities for his character and for who else could appear in future films.

Deathstroke opens a whole new realm of opportunities for more characters to join the DCEU, yet I think by jumping right into his story DC and Warner Brothers are missing a great opportunity to introduce one of the bevy of female characters in DC Comics.

All that said, I'll admit that Warner Brothers and DC Comics are set to be the first of the Comic houses to release a solo hero film starring a leading lady when Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2, 2017. Fans have already shouted from the roof tops their love for Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn, as both characters stole the show from their co-stars in their respective movies.

With the love we all have for the current ladies in the DCEU, it makes me wonder who else could show up and where?

Talia Al Ghul

Potential film appearance: Justice League Part 2 or solo Batman film

Now, 'technically' Talia has appeared on screen already, but only as part of the final act in The Dark Knight Rises did we learn of Miranda Tate's true origin. Although a great twist, her character wasn't really given her proper dues, as Talia is one of the most interesting female characters that Batman has ever encountered.

Talia is a dangerous nemesis to Batman, but at times through the comics she has been shown as an anti-hero of sorts as well as being the mother of Batman's true heir - Damian Wayne.

Her childhood was spent training and traveling with her father as she would be the heir to a faction within the League of Assassins (League of Shadows in TDKR). The League of Assassins has popped up in Arrow as a part of the Flarrowverse that The CW is developing, so perhaps Talia's story will be more in line with her Superman story line where she leaves her father to take control of LexCorp.

This story sees Lex Luthor as the president of the United States and in order to take Lex down, Superman uses the knowledge that Talia has, she then sells all of his assets to the Wayne Foundation leaving Lex penniless.

Zatanna Zatara

Potential film appearance: Justice League Dark, solo Batman film or solo Zatana film

There really hasn't been much magic or mysticism yet in either DC or Marvel, although Marvel's Doctor Strange is set to flip the universe completely upside down. His introduction can open the door for DC's Zatanna to hit the big screen. As The Maid of Magic, Zatanna has been a fan-favorite for years and has been in countless fan-casts for both Justice League and Justice League Dark.

Zatanna is a legacy hero as her father was a crime-fighter in the Golden Age of comics. Zatanna comes from a long line of sorcery which links back to the ancient lost continent of Atlantis (see how easily she could be connected to the DCEU?).

Zatanna would add something that the DCEU has not touched yet: true magic. Zatanna's introduction to the DCEU would open a broader spectrum of characters that could be added in future films. Through her magic we could see other characters join the DCEU like: Doctor Fate, Deadman, Felix Faust, the Phantom Stranger and many others.

Zatanna has a long history with the Justice League and Batman directly as she has partnered on countless occasions with many different DC heroes.

Andrea Beaumont

Potential film appearance: solo Batman film

If you remember the classic animated Batman film from 1993, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, then you know this character. Andrea was the first woman to cause Bruce Wayne to question whether he could or even should lead a normal life rather than pursue a life of vigilantism.

Bruce and Andrea fell in love and his love for her caused him to decide against crime-fighting and instead propose to the love of his life. Soon though, his dreamed future would come crumbling down as Andrea's father would whisk her away because of his double-crossing the mafia. Andrea's father would be murdered and after 10 years, she returned to Gotham but as the cloaked figure, The Phantasm.

Andrea would be an interesting character to introduce, and with the cult following that the Mask of The Phantasm has, it would surely be an interesting story to tell in live-action. Part of this story hinges on The Joker pre-crazy as an assassin for the mafia, and it could be an interesting story to tell as it's an origin story of sorts without really being a Joker origin story.

Bringing the Phantasm as a villain/anti-hero into the DCEU would add some humanization to Batman/Bruce Wayne as Andrea was the woman that Batman almost gave it all up for and considered it again after she returned 10 years later.


Potential film appearance: Wonder Woman sequel, Justice League sequel

Circe is a character that will take some time to develop and introduce as she, in the comics, has defeated Wonder Woman and nearly wiped out the entire race of Amazons on multiple occasions. Circe, is without a doubt one of the most, if not the most, powerful sorceress in the DC universe. Circe is an ancient magical princess who was banished from her kingdom for murdering her weak husband.

She found refuge on a small island and began collecting mystical energies, employing the sea sirens to lure seafarers to the island, but nothing would satisfy her lust for more power. Circe struck a deal with the goddess Hecate who in exchange for her soul (Hecate's would go to Circe) would give the sorceress immortality, eternal beauty and incredible power.

Through the comics Circe faced off against the Amazons and considered Wonder Woman her only rival, and the only hero who could thwart her plans.

Circe would strike fear into countless kingdoms across the ancient world as she honed her sorcery. Driven by Hecate's hatred and vengeance, Circe brought about the War of the Gods which pitted the deities of countless pantheons (Greek, Roman, Nordic, Thanagar, Apokolis and New Genesis) against each other.

This war was all in an attempt to destroy the goddess of Earth, Gaea. Circe would be the penultimate villain to introduce possibly toward the end of Justice League Part 2 as the upcoming foe of Wonder Woman.

Pamela Lillian Isley

Potential film appearance: solo Batman film, solo Harley Quinn film or Birds of Prey film

Before you scream no, bear with me. I know that the last time Poison Ivy appeared on screen, you probably thought, just as I did, about walking out of the theater because Batman & Robin was just that bad. Uma Thurman did the best she could with suck a lackluster film, but it's best to just push that out of your mind for the time.

Poison Ivy is one of Batman's most famous villains and it'd be a shame to not reintroduce her to the DCEU as the most pivotal badass eco-terrorist Gotham has ever known.

an't control, and it drives her crazy. Her toxin-laced kiss, plant-like powers and pheromone control. Although she's often a super-villain, she was at one point a member of the Birds of Prey along with Black Canary, Katana and Starling before double-crossing them in an attempt to have them help her in her eco-terrorism.

Recently, Ivy has had a much closer relationship with Harley Quinn than ever before. It would be interesting to see the chemistry between these two on screen as Ivy is the first 'healthy' relationship for the clown princess.

These are just five potential leading ladies that could work their way into the DCEU, but there are countless others that could step into a major role if Warner Brothers and DC use the momentum that Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman bring to the Cinematic Universe that is being built. The solo Wonder Woman film looks to be our next taste of the power of the leading lady.

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I'm Pumped For Deathstroke Coming To The DCEU! But Where Are The Women of DC?
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