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INCREDIBLE: Look How Wolverine Has Evolved!



The year was 1974…

It was the year both Punisher (in February) & Wolverine (in October) made their first comic book appearance. The Punisher made his brutal, anti-hero entry in The Amazing Spider-Man #129 while Wolverine only made a last page cameo in the final “teaser” panel of The Incredible Hulk #180

After that, the mutant superhero starred as a poster boy in various advertisements as part of Marvel Comics publications.

"The way I see it, they sewed the monster together and I shocked it to life! It was just one of those secondary or tertiary characters, actually, that we were using in that particular book with no particular notion of it going anywhere.” said Herb Trimpe, the writer-artist behind #180.

It was only after a long year that Wolverine get his stand-alone appearance in the next issue of The Incredible Hulk #181. He was characterized as a secretive agent with ‘superhuman’ strength working for the higher echelons of the Canadian Government.

He was the first Marvel character to be Canadian

It’s been a super-duper journey for this mutant superhero character over the years from changing names, suffering memory loss, wearing uncanny spandex riddled costumes, giving awesome one-line lectures, using profanity in the coolest way possible, making his arm hair more visible, painfully fusing Adamantium into his body, failing the bonding process and turning into a noseless creature, getting his metal parts ripped away by Magneto, making contact with the Transformers in New Avengers Transformers Vol 1, becoming blood brothers with Spiderman in an alternate universe, to the times he almost died. And it seems he will face ultimate death real soon b’coz MARVEL just said so. (Sorry to be Harbinger of Bad News!)

Here’s a collective look at all the masked, sparkly, kinky, naked costumes adorned by Wolverine over the years

(For people with eagle vision, the X-Men: DOFP costume is not included here)

Wolverine witnessed a massive fan following as the character moved into comics, cinematic animations, games, and cross-overs with other superheroes in completely different worlds. The excitement soared higher with the X-Men movie franchise. Wolverine has been widely accepted and made a pop culture reference in every possible scenario..

Here’s a little 70’s throwback to The Wolverine….


What’s Wolverine doing in Liberty City? He just got modded into GTA IV…

Wolverine in his own video game

No one makes salami better than Wolverine

There was a time when Marvel icon Wolverine appeared in DC JLA comics along with Doctor Doom and were instantly killed by the Hyperclan. Yikes..

Justice League

Hugh Jackman nailed it..

Hugh Jackman

The reason I relate very much with Wolverine.


All his wits and classic ignorant speeches from the 90s X-Men TV series.

Did you know that Wolverine and Spidey were Blood Brothers...?

This Wolverine- Dragon Ball Z crossover would be awesome....Vegeta seems to have the upper hand here...


Nobody loves beer like he does..


Here’s a D-I-Y video to create your very own WOLVERINE'S Adamantium Claws. 

To quote Katy Perry: "do you have any jaw-dropping, eye-popping, head turning, body shocking ideas" to celebrate Wolverine’s birthday, though I’m pretty sure he doesn't give a damn?

Please share them right away...

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INCREDIBLE: Look How Wolverine Has Evolved!
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