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'Incredibles 2' Official Trailer Breakdown!

Frozone finally got his supersuit!

The trailer for Incredibles 2 has just come out. And I know I JUST did a trailer breakdown for Solo: A Star Wars Story, but I'm gonna need to do a breakdown for this trailer.

So, the way this is gonna work is, I'm gonna go through the trailer frame-by-frame, and I'm gonna analyze some of the shots, make predictions, and give some information about the movie.

Here We Go!

The family is simply sitting together for dinner, and you can already tell that this movie is gonna bring back the family theme from the first film.

When it comes to The Incredibles, you get a lot of action, and you get a lot of superhero stuff. But they're not supposed to be a team of superheroes who happen to be a family. They're supposed to be a family who happen to be superheroes.

Now, this doesn't have much to do with the actual film, but if you look at the Chinese food box on the table, you'll see that it has the same logo as the boxes in Inside Out, Ratatouille, Toy Story 2, and A Bug's Life.

So, this Chinese food box doesn't appear as often as the Luxo ball or A113, but it can definitely be considered a Pixar easter egg now.

Violet then brings up "the elephant in the room", which is Helen's return to being Elastigirl and fighting bad guys.

We cut away to Elastigirl in the middle of pursuing a helicopter. Those who heard about the new "Elastigirl's Rooftop Pursuit" Lego set would know that she is chasing after Screenslaver, the new villain of the film.

You can see Screenslaver in the helicopter, so I assume Screenslaver is the one she is pursuing.

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl walk into Devtech. You can see that Mr. Incredible isn't in his new red suit that he wears with his family, but he is wearing his original suit, the one he wore back when superheroes were in the limelight.

I think he is wearing his old suit instead of his new red one because the public eye is only familiar with this blue suit. His old blue suit is the suit that would get recognized by his fans, but he'll definitely wear his red suit when teaming up with his family.

In this scene, it looks like The Incredibles are fighting The Underminer, and Frozone has joined them in their fight.

Winston Deavor is giving a speech about how if they wanted to bring supers back into the sunlight, they would need to change people's perspectives on supers. In one of the old teasers, Helen says, "Superheroes are illegal."

That's why in the picture behind Winston, it appears that The Incredibles are under arrest following a failed superhero mission, similar to Mr. Incredible rescuing the suicidal man in the first film.

This shot has a couple of callbacks to the original. The first picture on the left has Frozone fighting the Omnidroid from the first film. The second has Mr. Incredible picking up his car, presumably right before throwing it at a plane, killing Syndrome.

And the third picture has a man with a gun about to be punched by Elastigirl, which was, of course, the way Elastigirl was introduced in the first film.

The Parr family appears to be moving into a brand new house. I believe that this house is given to them by Devtech, because given that supers are still illegal, I don't think the Parrs would have the money to pay for a house this luxurious on their own.

Just pointing this out – this is a good shot of the Elastigirl logo on the motorbike. It's a capital G and a lowercase E when inverted, so I just wanted to point out the logo.

The Devtech logo can be seen on this item in the house, so I assume that's further evidence that the house is pretty much run by Devtech.

Violet was pretty angry in this scene. She tries to send her supersuit down the garbage disposal, throws it against the wall, and storms off.

Now, I don't yet know why she's so angry. At the end of the first film, it wasn't clear how much Violet wanted to do superhero work. She could either be doing this because she's mad about having to be a super, or she's mad because she hasn't been able to prove herself as a super.

In this shot, Elastigirl is riding her new motorbike, and I believe that she's on a new secret mission from Devtech, the way Mr. Incredible was on his mission in the first film.

This is a very interesting set of shots, where Dash and Jack-Jack appear to be running through the same place multiple times. I don't know what this is called, but I just have a feeling that this is done by Voyd, who I can tell will either be a new acquaintance for The Incredibles, or a surprise villain/traitor.

And in this shot, Violet appears to be able to use her forcefield ability to blast an object in half. This is something that she wasn't able to do in the original; she could turn invisible and make solid forcefields, but blasting an object in two? That's gonna be pretty cool.

We're now getting our first look at the new villain of the film, Screenslaver. In this trailer, he says, "Screenslaver interrupts this program for an important announcement."

I was right about this. In my last Incredibles 2 article, I theorized that Screenslaver would enslave people by hypnotizing them with a screen, and from the looks of it, that's definitely happening.

Okay, so I know that there was this whole theory that Winston Deavor, the tycoon who brought Elastigirl to the spotlight would be Screenslaver, and yet, here he is, with all the workers of Devtech, apparently getting hypnotized by Screenslaver.

Maybe that's not Winston? I don't know. But this is the person behind the Screenslaver mask.

So...I don't know.

But if you look at the picture, you can see Elastigirl is shielding her eyes so that she doesn't get hypnotized. So, maybe she anticipated Screenslaver's broadcast.

"I'll be there. ASAP!" "Where you goin' ASAP?! You'd better be back ASAP!"

Oh, man, you wouldn't believe the smile on my face when I heard Honey come back. They had better start arguing after this, because quite honestly, this is one of my favorite Pixar scenes:

And for the record, I never want to see Honey's face. I want her to remain the offscreen wife who yells at Frozone whenever he jumps into action.

I also want to see Barack and Michelle Obama re-enact this scene.

But that is all I have for you now, but I will be back soon enough for more content related to Incredibles 2!

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'Incredibles 2' Official Trailer Breakdown!
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