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Inspirational Dwarf Brother

Fili and Kili from 'The Hobbit'

As a young girl about to go into high school, I was burdened with the assignment to read The Hobbit in eighth grade. I pushed the novel aside and decided to Sparknote it instead so I could finish my assignment and carry on with better things to do. As a young teenage girl, I tried my best to stay on top of the latest fashion trends and get the top makeup brands. When the assignment was due in our class the teacher thought it wise that we watch The Hobbit so we can have a better understanding of the novel. I sat down with my best friend and I paid half attention to the movie since I rather gossip with others. During one part I turned my attention to the movie and I saw two dwarves introducing themselves to Bilbo. I was instantly hooked by the looks of the dark-haired dwarf. My best friend who had been paying attention told me that those were Fili and Kili, dwarf brothers and the nephews of Thorin Oaken-shield. For the rest of the time, I stopped talking and watched the rest of the movie. When the movie was over with, I was eager to watch more. Unfortunately, my teacher only had the first film. My best friend had the second film and without a doubt, I went to her house and watched the second film with her. I was instantly hooked into the movie series. She made me watch the Lord of the Rings and we began to imagine ourselves as characters from The Hobbit

Finally, summer hit and we were all preparing to go to high school. During the two months of freedom, I read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I then watched all the movies that I could get my hands on. After a bunch of research online I began to fall in love with the two characters, Fili and Kili. Fili the blonde haired dwarf, was much like me and Kili, the handsome dark-haired dwarf, was much like my sister. My sister and I had been close since my dad began to emotionally abuse us, and we had become such a good pair together. So, I introduced my sister to The Hobbit and she wasn't as instantly hooked as I was, but she enjoyed the movie. We began to call each other by Fili and Kili because it was just something we both agreed on. It also helped us bond together and we became better sisters. It was weird that two fictional characters could help us bond so much. 

When it was time to go back to high school my mom bought me the series of Lord of the Rings and the two Hobbit movies. I rewatched them as many times as I could after school. As I continued to watch these films I began to gather more information about all of the characters. I then downloaded Wattpad onto my phone and read fan fiction about all of the fictional characters of Middle Earth. I soon began to write my own fan fiction which caught a lot of attention. Through some criticism and a lot of hours put into my writing, I was able to write beautiful stories that seemed to blossom. I continued writing as much as I could and I found that writing was my only outlet from the real world. Through writing, I could be anyone who I wanted to be, and one of my characters I loved to pretend to be was Fili. As I wrote about Fili and Kili I wrote them with the characteristics of me and my sister. Shortly, I found myself feeling more confident and beautiful. Writing helped develop my character in high school. I began to feel stronger about the way I felt and I never doubted myself for a second. If I felt that way about something then I stuck to it. I became determined to stay true to myself even if it meant hurting others. 

My senior year I was finally strong enough to move out of my father's house and live full time with my supportive mother. It was probably the bravest thing I was able to do. I left my dad and his wife who emotionally abused me and I was able to grow even more. I achieved way more than I thought possible. It was all thanks to a fictional character, Fili. When I graduated high school I moved to Alabama for educational reasons, which meant being separated from my sister. It has been one of the most difficult things in my life. My sister and I did almost everything together and to not have her at my side made me feel weak. When I went back to edit some of my fan fiction stories, I reread some of them and I began to feel comforted. It didn't matter if my sister and I were 2,000 miles apart; I had a piece of her in my stories, something no one could take away from me. 

 It's humoring that I could find my strength and will through two fictional characters that no one knows about.  I was able to achieve everything from just a simple movie that I didn't care about. I have to say that if it weren't for Fili and Kili, I don't think I would have been able to make it through life. I would probably still be living with my father and not having the freedom anyone deserves. Fili and Kili have inspired me to be strong and continue fighting for what I believe in. Two fictional outsider characters changed my life for the better. 

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Inspirational Dwarf Brother
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