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Jack & Rebecca Pearson: A True Love Story

Characters from NBC's 'This Is Us.' Contains some spoilers.

Logan, Elizabeth. “Here's a Sneak Peek at Jack and Rebecca's Wedding-and Miguel's Amazing Toast-on 'This Is Us'.” Glamour, Glamour Magazine, 3 Feb. 2017.

If you love binge watching on Netflix or Hulu as much as I do, I'm sure you've come across some pretty good shows you either watch because it's what's "in" right now, or your friends suggested it, or because you just didn't have anything else to do. Well on Hulu, or on NBC, there is one show that I am recommending to you, and that is This Is Us.

Without spoiling, This Is Us is a show which focuses on the Pearson family in different points in their lives. It goes from the parents' point of view, to the children's point of view, all in different time periods showing the aging, growth, and progression of the characters.

The parents of the triplets ("The Big Three,") are Jack and Rebecca Pearson. You learn so much about the parents throughout the series, as in their characters and their backgrounds, and you learn so much from them as being parents and how they raise three children. But what you really learn from them is how to have a healthy relationship and marriage. 

From the beginning, Jack and Rebecca are full of an undying love for one another. They think the other is perfect, and no matter what is going on in their lives, they work through the problem, together, whether it's a relationship problem, family problem, career problem, etc. They don't just want each other, they need each other. 

Both characters are fighters. They fight for one another, they fight for themselves, they fight for their children, and they fight for their relationship. During the end of season one and the beginning of season two, the viewers start to see towards the end of Jack and Rebecca's marriage, which wasn't perfect. They got into a very heated argument and said things they both wish they didn't say aloud, but that were true. They separate, but Jack knows that even though they aren't perfect, they are perfect for each other, and the separation doesn't last long. 

On the surface, the couple seems perfect, and underneath, they actually ARE perfect... together. They fight, just like every couple, but they don't let their arguments define them or their relationship. They work to get through it, not just for the sake of their children, but for the sake of their marriage and what they worked so hard towards for so long.

There are a lot of TV couples that are deemed perfect but have a lot of problems, which in reality would cause more issues between the couple or family than are being shown onscreen, and would probably have a much very different outcome instead of the "perfect ending" TV seems to show.

Some of the events that have happened in Jack and Rebecca's lives may have pushed them away from each other if they were a different couple. But the love that Rebecca and Jack have for one another is so evident that you can tell it in every season, even when things don't look good. They never stop loving each other. They never stop putting the other one first. They never stop working together. They never truly give up. 

I find myself in Rebecca, and I relate to her in a lot of ways. There are a lot of fictional couples that I look up to and want my relationship to portray, but none like Rebecca and Jack. Rebecca and Jack have something so passionate, so invested, so real. I want to have a marriage like they have. One that never ceases to flourish in love, no matter how bleak a situation may be. They are what every couple should strive for: the closest thing to a perfect marriage that's humanly possible. With that passion, that determination, that selflessness, that devotion, that understanding, that love, they have that.

The midseason finale of season two just premiered on November 28, 2017, but will be returning January 2, 2017. I highly recommend if you haven't watched this show, to watch it on NBC's website or on Hulu. I look forward to seeing how the character's stories unfold, and to continue to admire the beautiful love that one husband and wife can have for one another. 

Vick, Megan. “This Is Us: Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia Explain Jack and Rebecca's Separation.”, 14 Mar. 2017.

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Jack & Rebecca Pearson: A True Love Story
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