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Japanese Photographer "Hot Kenobi" Is Bringing Action Figurines To Life

Fan Art

Credit: Hotkenobi

Japanese artist, @HotKenobi has taken his figurines out of the box (I could never do that) to photograph tongue-in-cheek scenarios that are truly brilliant.

Using his skill with a camera, HotKenobi captures an eclectic array of surreal nerdy scenes. Super heroes and Stormtroopers spring to life, plastic rotating joints and all. Our long love affair with each character represented within an expertly goofy snapshot of action and humor.

I have broken these down into their respective categories to give you a small taste of what #HotKenobi is capable of.

Let's Start With The DC Extended Universe

Credit: Hotkenobi

Each scene portrays a scaled version using props that are enriched with special effects. The choice of each picture candidly humanizes these iconic characters. Sit back, scroll, smile.

He Nails It, Every Time

Credit: Hotkenobi

HotKenobi's cleverly constructed action figure photos have become the unofficial synopsis of how these iconic characters' lives are played out beyond the limelight of the big screen. The above scene, for example, depicts the insightful view of how Iron Man and Batman might sort out their differences through their Lego alter egos. It puts a smile on your face, doesn't it? Looks like Batman has the upper hand — he never loses.

It's A Mixed Bag

Credit: Hotkenobi

Before you say it, yes I am aware a few of the above photo includes both #DC and #Marvel characters - relax. This image acts as a well placed segue to the next sequence of his work.

Don't Worry, He Covers The Marvel Cinematic Universe Too

Credit: Hotkenobi

The talented reworking of each figurine can be simple and thoughtful, or emotionally explosive. Seeing the #Hulk smash aluminium cans is case-in-point of how Hot.Kenobi captures the individual characteristics in his photoshoots.

It's Times Like These When I Realize What A Superhero I Am

Credit: Hotkenobi

Japanese artist HotKenobi has captured the eye of both Robert Downey Jr. and Stan Lee, with each passing comment on the Osaka-based photographer's Instagram page.

The fact that both #RobertDowneyJr and #StanLee enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek humor of this picture enough to pass comment speaks volumes — no pun intended. Their individual takes on the hilarious scenario shows how well HotKenobi has connected with his audience.

Is This Photo A Marvel Favorite?

Credit: Hotkenobi

Indeed, the comic creator famously inserts himself into the Marvel Cinematic Universe by way of fun, blink-and-you'll-miss-'em cameos. Hopefully the same idea has not eluded HotKenobi with his future portrayal of a superhero tableau.

Don't Forget Star Wars

Credit: Hotkenobi

It really was hard to decide what to include for you. There are so many high-quality photo's available to choose from. I am conflicted on whether I have given you his best. Like anything, it's all personal choice. For me, seeing Darth Vader hastily running to catch is helmet is priceless.

There Are Just So Many Worth Seeing

Credit: Hotkenobi

There is no denying the skill and ability required to compose these dynamic poses. Hot.Kenobi brings these personalities to life with clever effects and and expert lighting.

What is so fantastic about his work is how well he combines the many iconic characters of these competing universes into one world of realistic fun and mischief.

Hot Stuff Mr. Kenobi

Credit: Hotkenobi

The photos sampled in this article are only the tip of the iceberg of what Hot.Kenobi has constructed. If you want to view more of his amazing work on Instagram.

As his popularity grows, it will be fascinating to see who will be making comments in the future. Wouldn't it be insane if RDJ and #BenAffleck gave their two cents about the above epic battle? If only.

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Japanese Photographer "Hot Kenobi" Is Bringing Action Figurines To Life
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