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Jason David Frank As Bloodshot: 3 Reasons Why He Is Perfect To Lead Valiant To Live Action

There are three big reasons why Jason David Frank kills it as Valiant's new leader into live action.

Tommy Oliver will be putting down his Dragon Dagger for a shiny new sword. Power Rangers star Jason David Frank has been cast as Bloodshot in an upcoming series based on the comic book.

There are mixed reviews on Frank's casting, mainly because some are a bit surprised by it. For many, Frank has become somewhat obscure due to his limited acting history. Outside of some Power Rangers cameos he hasn't had a major acting job since 2004.

Well for those who still aren't sure what to make of the casting — or maybe you just want to get to know the new Bloodshot better — there are three big reasons why Jason David Frank will kill it as Valiant's new leader into live action.

3. Cult Legend For A Cult Hero

Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver (2014)

Valiant is a small company with big ambitions, but their characters are still more cult favorites than mainstream at this point. Jason David Frank is the epitome of a cult actor; he is universally loved by everyone that knows of him, while not really being too awfully skilled as an actor with very few credits to his name outside of the Power Rangers series.

He has remained very active with fans and rather than distance himself from his past, he's embraced his Power Rangers history and he has been praised for this. He even stars in his own reality web series, My Morphin Life. 

There are plenty of reasons to cast Frank as Bloodshot, but do not get it twisted: This man was cast because he is a large figure on the more geeky side of pop culture.

2. A Body And Skill To Fit

Most won't be surprised by this information, but Jason David Frank is jacked! This dude is no longer the lean Tommy Oliver, he has become a muscular and driven MMA fighter with UFC aspirations.

Bloodshot is a physical specimen and a master in hand to hand combat. Since we are looking at a web series as opposed to a movie or TV show, they can afford to not go with the most recognizable actor and get a man who is physically equivalent to Bloodshot.

Frank will be able to portray the character's imposing nature on screen and pull off the fight scenes better then any other actor could. The official images of Frank is true to the source material, and looks like they ripped the character right off the page. Sometimes a little creative change from page to screen is okay, but after seeing the image I'm glad they're going with a fateful adaptation.

1. He Is A Good Acting Fit

If you have ever seen an episode of Power Rangers, then you know that Jason David Frank wasn't on the verge of winning any Emmys. There is not much to be said as far as his acting chops go, but there is a case to be made for this role.

Bloodshot, for the most part, is a very monotone and robotic character, something that Frank should have no trouble pulling off. Frank can offer incredible screen presence that will resonate on camera to the audience. He is able to pull off the angry looks and the menacing scowls that will no doubt make the character.

I am a huge fan of Frank's and I am ecstatic to see what he does with the character, but I'm not going to pretend he is a world class actor. For the web series though, he is a perfect fit.

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Jason David Frank As Bloodshot: 3 Reasons Why He Is Perfect To Lead Valiant To Live Action
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