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Joe Jonas Credits Sophie Turner With Jonas Brothers Reunion - Reigning Women

🤯👀 He said what now?

The Jonas Brothers reunions have left the entirety of what are now twenty-year-olds completely and utterly #shook.

The Jo-Bros' new documentary, #ChasingHappiness, aired recently and walked us down their own twists and turns of memory lane. 

The boys took us to their hometown and the church of Wycoff, NJ, where we saw their careers blossomed into the mega-hit threesome they are today. Taking us through their difficult transition from brother band to solo artists and back to brother band, we saw the tall, dark, and handsome brothers navigate the waters of facing the past and coming back together. 

Now, things have evidently changed over the years for our favorite brothers. For one thing, all three of them are completely off the market, married to, arguably, some of the coolest women on this side of the Milky Way.

Each of the betrothed Jonas men shared deep and uplifting sentiments about their partners, one of which was credited heavily with the reconciliation of the trio in the first place. 

Joe, who is now happily married to Game Of Thrones superstar Sophie Turner, sat with Harper's Bazaar for an intimate interview. Jonas mentioned how "wounded" the experience of the band breaking up left him and how for a long time, the possibility of him reuniting with his brothers onstage was off the table. He even went so far as to say that during his days with DNCE, his extremely successful band post-Jonas era, he couldn't even play Jonas Brothers songs on stage, as many artists do to raise a toast to their past successes. 

In the documentary, the trio walks through the actual conversation that ended the band back in the day, and it was evident that Joe took the breakup potentially the hardest. The middle brother admitted that things changed when Sophie walked into his life. Well, technically... his DMs. 

The two connected via Instagram when they first connected. Fast-forward and the two are newlyweds following their (legal only) wedding in Las Vegas last month. 

Joe admits he felt motivated to work things out with his brothers and stated that seeing his then-fiancée with her brothers incited an "I gotta get my shit together" sentiment in him that led to the eventual reunion of what is now the seemingly new and improved Jonas Brothers. 

Based on their current success, it seems we may have to #BendTheKnee to Miss Turner for more reasons than previously presumed 👀

The brothers recently announced their comeback, album, tour, documentary, and memoir. 

On top of that, brother Kevin is a full-time father to two little girls! In the documentary, we got to see inside the walls of the eldest Jo Bros' world, where we got a taste of her everyday life as papa Jonas. We walked through the behind-the-scenes thoughts of Nick and Joe as they set off on their own solo careers, which surprisingly revealed both great success and great difficulty. 

To me, this is one of the most important parts of the documentary, as it truly humanized the brothers and made them that much more relatable. 

Additionally, the documentary ended with family-forward sentiments, showcasing the Jonas Brothers and new Jonas Sisters standing together as a single unit. 

The film, without surprise, received significant press and social media attention. Veteran fans took to Twitter with the #ChasingHappiness hashtag and shared their then-and-now stories, explaining that their affinity for the Jonas family has only strengthened with their return. 

Fellow musicians and celebrities also shared their love for the wholesomeness of it all, sending their good vibes and testaments by sharing the documentary on Twitter and IG Story. 

At the end of it all, the first generation Jo-Bros will forever hold a special place in our hearts, but it's the current era we have our sights set on. 

We're both excited and interested to watch their journey as a band, as husbands, fathers, and overall pop-culture starlights.



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Joe Jonas Credits Sophie Turner With Jonas Brothers Reunion - Reigning Women
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