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‘Jump Festa’ News Update: ’Dragon Ball Super’ Will Continue with ‘New’ Project?!

Jump Festa has 'confirmed' the continuation of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ in 2019! Plus, Akira Toriyama has Major plans for something bigger.

Image Credit to Dragon Ball Super

Breaking News!!!

With the Broly movie approaching in the U.S., Jump Festa has revealed the future of Dragon Ball Super.

Just as we expected, Dragon Ball Super will continue!!

This is exciting news!!

Plus, we have a little sneak-peek of what Akira Toriyama is planning for the next project. If anyone out there who doubted the idea of Dragon Ball returning in the first place, we have further confirmation to solidify this new information.

Dragon Ball Super will be returning with a brand-new adventure after the events of the Broly movie!!

Now, Jump Festa 2018 revealed different anime coming in 2019, such as My Hero Academia Season 4, One Punch Man Season 2, and countless others.

Also, we will be getting a continuation of the manga going into 2019. This manga includes a new arc for the “Galactic Patrol Prisoner” story, which has Moro, Goku, Vegeta, Merus, and other characters. 

The new manga, which is chapter 44, will available on January 20, 2019. In addition, Dragon Ball Heroes will, of course, continue in 2019. We are going to be getting a new story for that anime.

Let’s dissect the Jump Festa news!!

Nozawa, Hirokawa, and Other Creators Discussed the Future of 'Dragon Ball Super'

If you’re wondering about the future of Dragon Ball Super, the new anime will continue. However, there were no major announcements on the actual anime, which will be coming to FujiTV. During the interviews with Nozawa, Horikawa, and other panels, they discussed the future of Dragon Ball

The panel also discussed the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie and the manga itself. 

The manga images for the next season of Dragon Ball Super were displayed. There were images of Goku and Vegeta getting zapped by Merus. 

The “Planet Eater” Moro was shown as well. 

Everyone is getting ready for some huge announcements for the upcoming series. For some reason, there was no mention of a return for the Dragon Ball Super anime. 

Akira Toriyama Is Working on a "New" Project!

Courtesy of the Shonen Jump magazine on Twitter, we have a specific message put out by Toriyama himself.

The description reads as follows:

“Message from Toriyama Sensei (super duper rough translation) "I wish I could be here with you, but I'm very shy. I'm glad the movie is a hit. Broly has always been popular so I'm glad it appears that I didn't mess up. I'm now working on the next one!”

Now read what Toriyama just said, “I’m now working on the next one!” 

Let’s not be confused by this impactful message here. Toriyama didn’t by any means confirm a brand-new movie. In fact, this could either be a promotional work for the manga or a new movie in the works. Maybe this message could be for future plans for the Dragon Ball Super anime. 

Is the Dragon Ball Super manga going to be focused on more than the anime?

What I got from this message by Toriyama, is that Dragon Ball Super will not be over. We will be getting more details from the manga and other new information next year.

Does this mean that Toriyama, Toyotaro, and other creators are allowing the manga to be the main focal point before the anime? 

This is a huge possibility. However, when the anime does return at some point, it will allow the manga to catch up with the anime. 

As always, the manga should be ahead of any anime show or movie for that matter. 

Does this mean that Toriyama could be working on a new movie? 

It’s a "definite" possibility. 

If Toriyama is in fact working on a new movie, we have to ask ourselves, what kind of movie is he going to create next? Is this new movie going to be somewhat of a “Broly: Second Coming?”

We’ll have to find out.

Is Broly Being Kept for Something Bigger?!

Spoiler Alert!!

Broly is kept alive at the end of Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.

Sorry, guys. 

I couldn't help myself. 

With Broly being left alive by Chirai (spoiler), I can only assume that Broly is kept for something bigger. We don’t know as of right now on what Toriyama is planning, yet. It looks like he will be focusing on the “Galactic Patrol Prisoner” arc. 

Instead of rushing things, I assume that Toriyama is taking his time in fixing a lot of errors that happened in previous Dragon Ball Super episodes. 

Creating brand-new stories. 

Introducing a new concept. 

With the manga having to be the main focal point right now, I think that this route is a great idea. If you guys are upset that there will not be a new anime right now, be patient. 

What would you rather want more? 

A rushed product that has horrible animation, fight scenes, storylines, and character development. Or a product like the Broly movie that is well developed and has everything you need. Personally, I choose a product that is well-developed and everything is executed well.

Akira Toriyama & Toei Animation Will Work on the Manga First

I know a lot of Dragon Ball fans are going to be upset about Dragon Ball Super having a short hiatus. You guys may be wondering, is Dragon Ball Super over? 


We have to be patient during this process. 

What we have to pay attention to is the manga itself. 


Because it appears that Toriyama and the people of Toei Animation are going to be focusing on the manga. 

'Dragon Ball Super' Will Return

Don't worry.

Dragon Ball Super is going to return, but not yet. Until we get further information from either Jump Festa or Toei Animation, there is no official word on the actual anime returning in 2019. 

For all we know, they could make the announcement themselves. The anime may return in June or even September. 

Who knows?! 

At this present time, there is no brand-new arc. 

There is nothing happening right now, other than Toriyama focusing on a new project. 

Could this project be an anime? 


Could this project be only the manga? 


Could this project be a brand-new movie? 


From what we’re assuming here, is seems that Toriyama “could be” focusing on a brand-new movie. 

Everything is very vague right now.

We Need to be Patient

One final thought.

I think that Toriyama, Toyotaro, and other creators are waiting for the manga to develop and launch in 2019. When the anime does returns, I’m certain that they are going to follow through and make sure the manga is fully developed. 

I do think this will be a great approach, in regards to dictating the pace and flow of the anime. Furthermore, we can see how this could be re-told on television. 

Be patient.

Quality projects take time.

'Dragon Ball Super' Is Not Over!

Eventually, I think Dragon Ball will come back. By then, we will get an announcement from Jump Festa next year. 

Stay tuned for more Dragon Ball Super news!

Happy Holidays!!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!

Thank you all for reading!

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‘Jump Festa’ News Update: ’Dragon Ball Super’ Will Continue with ‘New’ Project?!
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