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Just Days After the Highly-Anticipated Wedding Episode, ‘When Calls the Heart’ Gets Renewed for Season Six

The writers of this historical drama know how to tug at the heartstrings!

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the March 18th episode of When Calls the Heart. 

There is a reason why #Hearties was trending at #1 on Twitter on March 18th. When Calls the Heart pulled out all stops to bring fans the wedding of the century between school teacher Elizabeth Thatcher and Mountie Jack Thornton. And millions of fans tuned in to watch the highly-anticipated and long-awaited union which has been five seasons in the making. 

The drama, set in the early 1900s, is known for its drama and romance, but the lengthy courtship between Jack and Elizabeth had #Hearties everywhere on the edge of their seats and waiting for the big day. Even though the wedding was promoted, fans were still scared it wasn't going to happen, and the speculations were rampant on social media. 

Would this be a dream? Would something happen to prevent Elizabeth from walking down the aisle? Would Jack be called away again? Or would someone interrupt the wedding before the vows? In all fairness, Brian Bird, the executive producer of When Calls the Heart, does have quite the reputation as a pot-stirrer and likes to keep #Hearties on their toes. 

Season 6 Renewal

Gratefully, When Calls the Heart writers gave fans a beautiful wedding that could not have been more perfect, and three days later, the Hallmark Channel announced the season six renewal of the series with two of the program's stars, Erin Krakow and Lori Loughlin posting a video sharing their excitement!

#Hearties have been rejoicing since the renewal was announced as, every Sunday night a new episode is aired, they take to Twitter, determined to make the show trend in hopes of another season. With their hopes realized, it's doubtful the #Hearties will slow down as they don't want to lose the momentum. The night the wedding aired, fans tweeted (in excess of 180,000 tweets) and shared their excitement across social media while the show's stars kept them company, which isn't unusual.

The renewal proves yet again that family-friendly, faith-filled television is wanted. When Calls the Heart isn't your typical network drama, and that's what fans love about it. Every show has to have conflict, but if there is one thing that When Calls the Heart's writers know, it's how to temper the bad with the good. Every episode of the fan-favorite Hallmark Channel drama gives fans another reason to tune in the following week. And while television shows generally amp up the tension, action, and potential doom, When Calls the Heart segues beautifully from moment to moment within an episode, never focusing too much on one aspect because not everyone wants to watch a series that is constant action or peril.

'My Heart is Yours'

The wedding episode, aptly titled "My Heart is Yours," gave fans an hour of wonder, hope, and excitement that culminated in a wedding that even Cinderella would have envied. More than a few tears were shed as a picture-perfect union took place, and while next week the roses won't be as red, When Calls the Heart never fails to deliver an episode that tugs at the heartstrings and compels viewers to keep watching. That's why it is quality television.

As the credits rolled on the wedding episode, fans were already tweeting about a second viewing and what would happen next week. When Calls the Heart only airs ten episodes each season, along with a two-hour movie special at Christmas, but fans will always want more because the series ups its game every season. And the wedding episode propelled the show into a new direction, proving that a series doesn't have to get stale a few seasons in. With no signs of slowing down or aging, When Calls the Heart is television designed to touch the heart, sing to the soul, and leave viewers wanting more which they'll get with season six. 

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Just Days After the Highly-Anticipated Wedding Episode, ‘When Calls the Heart’ Gets Renewed for Season Six
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