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Kevin Feige May Have Just Revealed A BIG Spoiler About Doctor Strange...

In the latest issue of Empire, Kevin Feige dropped a hint.

For quite a while, we've known that Doctor Strange will be adding a lot to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe - magical mayhem, alternate dimensions, string theory... all this and more! But in the latest issue of Empire, #KevinFeige has dropped a hint:

"We see glimpses of something called the Dark Dimension. But if you were to open a Doctor Strange comic drawn by Steve Ditko, you would see the Dark Dimension is, in fact, very colorful in an extremely psychedelic way. Those are the things we're not shying away from."

In the comics, the Dark Dimension is an abstract (and, yes, psychedelic) realm that links to countless realities. Innumerable evils have been banished there, most notably a classic Doctor Strange villain - the dread #Dormammu. Until Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created the character of Dormammu, Doctor Strange had really just gone up against one-off threats. In Dormammu, he found his match.

Dormammu is a being of tremendous mystic power, and, from the outset, was shown desiring to add new realms to those he had already conquered. He had his greedy eyes set on Earth, but was forced to make a vow not to conquer that plane of existence. The loophole? He granted his power to Baron #Mordo, with the goal that Mordo would do the deed for him.

The reality is, Dormammu is one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Comics Universe. If Doctor Strange is heading to the Dark Dimension, it seems logical that its lord and master will play a role. That's particularly the case when you remember that Mads Mikkelsen is playing an as-yet-unnamed main villain in the movie.

But the fact that we only catch "glimpses" of the Dark Dimension is surprising. It leaves me suspecting that Doctor Strange will be the setup movie for a series, with Dormammu perhaps meeting with Chiwetel Ejiofor's Baron Mordo in this film and empowering him; perhaps Marvel are planning a trilogy of films, culminating in a pitched battle between the Sorcerer Supreme and the dread Dormammu?

Only time will tell; but with this single throwaway comment, perhaps Kevin Feige has given a lot away.

Source: Empire Magazine

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Kevin Feige May Have Just Revealed A BIG Spoiler About Doctor Strange...
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