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Kids These Days Will Never Know: Part Two

Things Kids These Days Never Knew About That We Experienced Back in the Day

I love the 80s and 90s.

I hope you liked part one of the list of things I've experienced and had as a child that kids today never knew about. Now, I'll be sharing part two of the things I loved in the 80s and 90s. Again, the list will be broken down into four parts in no particular order, so it'll be a total of 20 items. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

It's Morphin' Time!

Go, go Power Rangers! You couldn't go anywhere without hearing the theme song. Me, along with everyone else in the 90s, tuned in every day after school to watch it. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted on August 28, 1993, and was the top-ranked weekday show. I was five years old when it premiered. So it was very popular back in the day. This year is the 25th anniversary of the TV series, and today, it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Twenty five seasons, over 800 episodes, and three Power Rangers movies later, this franchise is still standing tall and adored by their devoted fans. Growing up, I had a few action figures and a White Ranger watch. In school, everyone wanted to be a Power Ranger. My favorite character to this day is Billy, the Blue Ranger. He was intelligent and a good friend. In late 2016, I went as Billy with my Power Morpher in hand for a convention and in February 2017, I knocked off a huge item off my bucket list: suiting up as the Blue Ranger. One month later, Power Rangers was released in theaters and I was all dressed up. I went to see the movie with some of my friends, and two of them dressed up as Tommy, the White Ranger, and Trini, the Yellow Ranger. It was the best night ever and I'll remember it forever. I'm 30 years old and I'll always love the Power Rangers. 

Discovery Zone

Discovery Zone was in business from 1989-1999.

If you were a 90s kid like I was, then chances are you remember going to Discovery Zone and seeing the commercials. It was like Chuck E. Cheese's, but more of the active stuff, and not as many games. You probably had or attended a birthday party there. I went to Discovery Zone when I was in Kindergarten and had so much fun. I'd go there every weekend if I wanted to. So what happened to Discovery Zone, you ask? The company ran into debt, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and closed all of their locations. The chain lasted for six or seven years. If there was one place that's not around anymore that I would want to return, Discovery Zone would be the one. 

Dodgeball, anyone?

I sure missed playing dodgeball in school.

In physical education, dodgeball was one of my favorite activities. Now, dodgeball is banned in most schools because they believe it promotes bullying. It's like schools are trying to take the fun out of everything children enjoy. Restricting dodgeball is a pure example of the wussification of America. I say let children be children, because they're only kids for a period of time. Back in the day, I had a good time in P.E. and most schools need to stop coddling children and depriving them from enjoying themselves. 

Fun Times at the Computer Lab

I miss those days.

The computer lab: it was my happy place in school and I played so many great games on the computer. My favorite computer games were Kid Pix, Museum Madness, Millie's Math House, Word Munchers, and 
Super Munchers. I was in the computer lab a few days a week, especially when I was in special education classes. Kids these days will never know that there were some awesome computer games, especially the ones I mentioned. I used the Apple Macintosh, and later on, the Apple iMac. 

90s lunch boxes were the bomb.

Lunchboxes in the 90s stood out well.

My first lunchbox was Captain Planet and had a Thermos. It was back in the first grade and was so excited to have one. My mother would sometimes pack me a lunch and the stuff that was in my lunchbox was always delicious. I would have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or turkey and cheese sandwiches; chips, yogurt, and a Hi-C fruit juice. On other days, she would pack some Lunchables. I still pack my lunch to this day, because doing it saves money. You can currently find these lunchboxes on eBay. Last year, I bought a Power Rangers lunchbox and matching Thermos on the site for $20. Whenever you purchase a lunchbox like this, the memories will crawl into your mind. 

That's ten down and ten more to go on my list. I hope you enjoyed part two of my list and stepped onto memory lane with me. Part three will be outstanding and will knock your socks off. Like I said in my previous story, I'm a lover of nostalgia, and will always show respect to the 80s and 90s. I regularly talk about it on my social media pages and mainly receive positive feedback. Stick around for part three of items we grew up on that kids today never knew of. 

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Kids These Days Will Never Know: Part Two
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