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Kylie Jenner Accepts Handouts From Fans?

Kylie Jenner at 20 years old is on the forefront of becoming the world's youngest billionaire. People have been making statements constantly about the legitimacy of Kylie's fortune. Yes, of course, she made every single dollar she's earned however people question if Jenner's success was a self made success.

Kylie Jenner at 20 years old is on the forefront of becoming the world's youngest billionaire. While we don't want to dim Kylie's shine people have been making statements constantly about the legitimacy of Kylie's fortune. Yes, of course, she made every single dollar she's earned, however, people question if Jenner's success was a self-made success.

Let's face it. Nobody knew about Kylie until Kim's sex tape aired and nobody knew about the Kardashians until the sex tape went viral. There was no Keeping Up with The Kardashians before Kim went down on Ray J's goods.

Sure, her father was the lawyer in the infamous OJ Simpson case, but nobody really knew the Kardashians in the light they are in now prior to that. Since then they have blown up and have been stars on the reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians for fourteen, soon to be fifteen seasons. It's crazy, right?

Well, while Kylie has blessed the world with a new baby and tons of lip kits the world has come to notice that the star isn't as self-made as she seems. Her lip kits were being sent with not a drop of lipstick inside them. Her endeavors were the source of her sister's exposure. Basically, the star didn't come from nothing. Scandals have brewed and she's been at the center of each one.

In fact, fans made donations to Jenner to ensure that she becomes the world's youngest billionaire. That hardly seems earned at all. Of course, Jenner didn't ask for this Go Fund Me to be created, but people are actually donating. It's insane, right? Hopefully she doesn't accept a dime from the campaign, however, these people were in fact stupid enough to throw their hard earned money into Kylie's brand.

Hopefully soon we will hear more on the topic, but for now, I leave you with these final thoughts. Does Kylie truly deserve the fame and fortune she has come to receive? Or should Kylie be reprimanded for the countless scandals and basic handouts she has received? You be the judge.

Personally, I feel as though Kylie has popped out into the media after hard work on her lip kit. She has been famous for her lips for years now. There were rumors surfacing about them a few years back. She had denied any surgeries or lip fillers but eventually came out to the world that she had. I think that that instance drew people even further back on wondering if she was in fact self-made.

Kylie had produced Kylie Cosmetics after the rumors were surfacing. Kylie then puts out a brush kit that was selling for loads of money. Many YouTubers reviewed the brushes. Each review was honest and a lot of the Youtubers didn't have much good to say about them. A lot of them claimed that the brush case, as well as the brushes, were cheaply made. Although Kylie came out with a statement on Twitter that said:

"I have developed for you guys the most amazing luxury brushes ever. I am very excited! Real brushes don't compare to synthetic brushes. Different performance/quality/everything. I am 100% down to do an entire synthetic line in the future, which will ultimately be cheaper. "

She seemed to handle the critique quite well, but people were still fuming about the brushes being three hundred and sixty dollars. People still were upset the luxury brushes she put out were still of cheap quality.

Now, with this new Go Fund Me surfacing people are wondering now more than ever if Kylie will actually take the money. I think a lot of people hope that she doesn't. Many blindly support her so I'm sure they hope that she will. All we can really say is that Kylie is a huge celebrity and whether she takes the money or not she will still have an abundance of face recognition. She will always be The Kylie Jenner.

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Kylie Jenner Accepts Handouts From Fans?
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