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Laura Palmer's Diary: Part 2

The Mystery of the Missing Pages

Before I begin the second part of my analysis about Laura Palmer's diary(ies), I would like to respond to some feedback from part one. (If you have not yet read this, you can do so here. Thanks to the extensive knowledge and contribution from George Noel (thank you!), it was pointed out to me that we do know for a fact that Harold is older than Donna and Laura, as he lives independently. Additionally that another reason Laura felt safe to leave her diary with him was because he literally could not leave his house, and therefore she felt it was a very safe place. George also pointed out to me that the duality of Laura having two diaries may be related to the duality of the ledgers kept by Catherine Martell. In a sense, both were keeping a separate book of secrets, and it's impossible to tell how much of each was true.

I would also like to thank Lisa Carden Elliott for offering her take on the Tremond/Chalfont dilemma. As some of you might remember, this is one of the most puzzling aspects of Twin Peaks for me, and one I'd love to find a theory I can accept. Lisa told me her theory, which is that the old Mrs. Tremond is Laura's grandmother, and Pierre is Laura's aborted child. She told me that according to Laura's secret diary, Laura had an abortion when she was 16 (I must have missed this myself, I will have to read it again!). Harold was murdered by the Tremonds, and they made it appear as if it was a suicide. Maybe he knew too much about Laura and her secrets. I really love this take, and after some thought I imagine this is the idea I might go with in future, so thank you Lisa! The only problem I have with this interpretation is that is was Mrs. Tremond who initially told Donna she should speak to Harold. This would not make a lot of sense if they were concerned about Harold passing on information about Laura. However maybe this too is all part of some plan? Who knows?

Moving forward, part two of this investigation is designed to examine the missing pages from Laura's journal, which appear in Fire Walk With Me, and later in series three. There is some dispute in the groups over the exact amount of pages missing, but Hawk says four, and so we shall go with that for the purposes of this analysis.

During an especially tense scene of Fire Walk With Me, we see Laura extract her diary from it's secret hiding place and make as if to write in it. However, as she is turning to the correct page, she notices several filled pages have been ripped out. This directly precedes her decision to give the diary to Harold to keep it from Bob, who she believes took the pages, after her writing incriminated him.

We gather from the third season that the accepted theory in the law department is that Leland took the pages, and hid them in a stall door of the police station to prevent them being found if he were searched. We never discovered what happened to the fourth missing page (If you have theories about this, please let me know!).

Finally, I'd like to discuss the continuity issues that arise when examining Laura and her diaries. There's the dispute I mentioned previously about the exact number of pages which were missing from the diary, but I'm going to look beyond that now.

The main problem that I see, is that Laura handed her secret diary to Harold before she had the dream that resulted in Annie being in her bed. However, when Hawk finds the missing pages, he reads about this dream, and the quote Annie told Laura to record in the diary. The only possible solution I can think of here is if Laura saw Harold one last time after what we know about to write this entry? It seems unlikely. But it's also quite a glaring continuity error. It seems to me that it might be just that—an error.

Thank you all for reading, it means a lot to me that these articles are still popular so long after any Twin Peaks news of significance. Please feel free to message me about anything Lynch related! Have a good day Peaks friends, I hope this provokes as much discussion as part one :). If you have any suggestions for new topics, please let me know about that as well!


Part one of this discussion can be found here.

My Twitter: @missytwinpeaks

My instagram: @isnt_it_too_dreamy_

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My views on season three can be found here  and here.

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