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Look Who Wants to Play Black Lightning!

Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning made his first appearance in 1977.

First of all, a quick refreshing session on who Black Lightning is for those of you unfamiliar with the DC character who once helped revive Superman by jump starting his heart with his internal electrical energy. Apparently, Superman suffered from a severe bout of Kryptonite exposure.

Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning made his first appearance in 1977. Well, he's a high school teacher and basically becomes a vigilante taking down organized crime in the slums of Metropolis. One of the major African American Superheroes of the time, he was a Olympian Gold medalist and can tune his internal electric energy to stun or kill.

He's had his fair share of experience from declining to join the friggin' Justice League at one point, working as the Secretary of Education under President Lex Luthor , joining The Outsiders with Batman to being recruited by Justice League as a reserve member. At some point, he was also one of the founding members of a new Justice League.

So, in short - Evolution star and American comedian, popular from the TV series Sleepy Hollow, Orlando Jones has shown interest in the character but sadly, nothing has been slated yet about the character's appearance in a movie franchise.

Well looks like he seems enthusiastic to step into the shoes of Black Lightning. Here's his tweet :

Not sure if it's gonna happen at all, but if it does - can we have a look at - "Brown Bomber". There was a time when even Terrence Howard wanted a piece of Black Lightning back in 2009.

Black Lightning was created by Tony Isabella and first drawn by Trevor Von Eeden and here's the catch -

Black Lightning's credited co-creator, writer Tony Isabella, claims that he should be the sole creator and that the character was not created under a work-for-hire deal, but as part of a partnership with DC. When he tried to obtain the character rights from DC Comics following the cancellation of the Black Lightning series in 1978, Isabella says that artist Trevor Von Eeden was given a co-creator credit in order to obstruct his attempts to reclaim the rights.

Source: Comic Book

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Look Who Wants to Play Black Lightning!
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