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'Love' - Full Series Review

A Funny, Off-Beat, Charming, and Awkward Romance

Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust in Love [Credit: Netflix]

Although Netflix could mean a dark future for cinemas around the world, there’s no denying that its quality television shows aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The biggest plus that Netflix has going for them is the fact that they don’t have to restrict any of their content in service of younger viewers. 

Filmmakers and showrunners are given complete control to make whatever they see fit for the story at hand. While Netflix’s Love isn’t exactly one of their most talked about shows, upon reflection after recently watching the finale, it’s one of my personal favourites of theirs. While the subject matter may not be for all audiences, here’s why I believe this short and sweet series deserves a little more attention.

Love follows nerdy school teacher for students on film sets as he meets a girl who’s the complete opposite of him in every way. Realizing that they have a lot of hidden commonalities, they spark an unlikely bond. Riddled with enjoyable side characters, this is a very fun and sometimes sad show to watch. Created by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin, and Paul Rust, who also stars in the show, this show is worth watching for fans of comedy and drama.

It has a very independent feel to it, making it seem like it was made on a very low budget, which felt like a breath of fresh air to me. It’s simply about people overcoming their issues, falling in love, and striving to never give up on their dreams and what makes them happy. Although the first two seasons deal with the central characters of Gus and Mickey, it was a nice change of pace when the final season spread out stories of each and every side character as well. If you’re worried about it being a cancelled show with an unfinished conclusion, don’t worry.

I went into the most recent third and final season with a bit of apprehension, due to the fact that it was cancelled and no further seasons would be filmed afterward. That being said, the final two episodes of this series do a great job in giving as much closer as it possibly could. It does feel rushed at times, but the overall finale felt earned and honestly left me with a few tears. The progression of Gus and Mickey’s story and how they learn to overcome each other’s issues is easily the most enjoyable aspect about this show. It doesn’t hurt that they shared fantastic off-best chemistry with each other as well.

Paul Rust as Gus is a very unlikely casting decision for the lead of an entire show, but I must admit that I loved every second he was on-screen. His interaction with Gillian Jacobs leapt off the screen and I felt as though I was watching a real-life friendship sparking. When you can cast a drama/comedy like this and follow through with quite a few great episodes and a solid conclusion, then you’ll make most of viewers happy.

In the end, my only complaints with this show is that a few of Gus’ friends are placed in the forefront of the show a few times and I was left wishing for more of his story. Yes, I loved that everyone was given their share of screen time, but looking back on it only being three seasons leaves me with a bit of sadness that it only latest that long. This is a very breezy show to watch. With only ten episodes per season and each episode being roughly 30 minutes, Love is something that I can recommended to fans of comedy, drama, or an unlikely romance. Filled with cursing, real-life circumstances, and chemistry between actors and actresses that I will remember for a long time, Love is a very underrated show that I can’t recommend enough. The full series is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating for the Series: 4.5/5 

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'Love' - Full Series Review
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