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Luna Lovegood: Potential to Go Dark Side?

Could even the purest of souls lose their way?

Millions of Harry Potter fans have their own personal favourite character. Personally, mine is Luna Lovegood. As we all know, Luna is a Ravenclaw and she embodies all of what the House stands for. She's intelligent, creative, determined, and works hard in all aspects of her life. Even though she's picked on through most of her Hogwarts life just because she has a different way of looking at the world, she still stays true to herself and doesn't let their taunts change her. She also has her own unique way of looking at her life and everything and everyone around her. She understands what it's like to be the outsider, but she doesn't let it get in her way of what she strives for in life. 

We find out that Luna has had a tragedy in her life when she was younger. Her mother died when she was nine, leaving her to be raised by her father. Apart from knowing that her mother was gifted, but she loved to experiment with spells, we can only speculate on what she was like personality-wise. If we compare her to Luna's father, we can only hope that she shared her husband's views on life. Luna's father taught her that it's okay to look at life differently to all the other people. That if someone told her she was wrong, she'd still believe in herself all the same. 

Luna is always seeing the good in people and always strives to lend a helping hand or a sympathetic ear. For example, when Harry sees a Thestral for the first time, Hermione tells him that nothing is there and he's just seeing things, but Luna helps him understand. She explains after he watched Cedric die right in front of his eyes, it gave him the unfortunate ability to see the creatures. She doesn't expect anything back in return, she just wants to help people and offer her slice of advice as she sees the world. If Harry had stuck to listening to Hermione, he never would have learned that the creatures even existed and maybe even started to think he was imagining things.  

Luna is always good to other people, but she never expects anything in return. So, when Harry asked her to go with her to Slughorn's Christmas party, she was so excited. In my view, she never really cared for Harry's "chosen one" title. As long as he was himself, it mattered very little. She never really accepts that Harry classes her as a friend. She's used to people making fun of her and not really wanting to be around her so she didn't want to assume that he'd stay her friend. No matter how many times Harry tells her that he classes her as a friend, she still sounds surprised that someone's actually accepted her for who she is.

So, how can I say that she could ever be evil? Well, she will always be a good person because she stands for good morals and ethics, no matter what she faces in life. However, she can see the world from both sides and still she stays firm to her beliefs that she's been raised with. But, what if, one day, she got pushed over the edge and all those morals went out the window? What if that one day she realises that no one takes her seriously and she gets tired of always getting dismissed and ignored? If the answer is yes, then the world has been totally twisted and she would be extremely dangerous. 

As I've already said, she has an understanding of how the world works. When she was talking with Harry in the woods, she showed a clear knowledge of how Voldemort's mind could be working. She understands that if Harry was on his own and isolated, then he wouldn't be as much as a threat. I can't see her as much of a physical threat, more of a mental manipulation kind of villain. She would have a chance to see how people's minds work rather than their physical strength. Analysing a person's thought patterns may even help her understand their way of forming attack plans and so on. 

Even though she would never try it, I could imagine Luna's strength to be mind control. If she turned dark side, she would have the Imperius curse nearly perfect, and also the power of getting into people's minds. If you combine the two together, you can get a person to carry out the task you have given them but make it look as if it were just everyday life for the person seen as though she saw their way of processing their thoughts on day to day life. As Bellatrix is famed for torturing people with Crucio, I could imagine Luna being famed for Imperio.

In short, Luna Lovegood is a brilliant example of how a person can keep true to themselves, even after years of bullying and exclusion from her peers. Even though she could possess the theoretical approach of Voldemort's and his followers, her morals and ethics would always stop her from losing herself. In her view, light will always fight good and will always win in the end. 

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Luna Lovegood: Potential to Go Dark Side?
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