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Madagascar - Making Swearing Children Friendly

Madagascar is without doubt one of the most popular and well loved children's films produced by Dreamworks Studios.

Madagascar is without doubt one of the most popular and well loved children's films produced by Dreamworks Studios. The film follows the lives of Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippo and Melman the giraffe. When Marty escapes New York zoo, things begin to get chaotic when the other three go after him across the city that never sleeps. Before they know it, the four of them are being shipped off to the small island 'Madagascar'. But when an argument breaks out, things get rough and the boxes they're locked up in, go overboard the boat and all float in different directions. The same morning, they all wash up on the same beach in 'The Wild', which is where Marty wanted to go all along. With Alex and Marty being best friends, they had never been so happy to see each other, even though it had only been one night.

"Sugar Honey Iced Tea" - Making Swearing Child Friendly

Despite Marty and Alex being best friends, it doesn't take long for Alex to become angry at Marty (again) for getting them stuck on the island. Alex and Marty are reunited on the beach and start to run towards each other. Dreamworks slow down the scene to make it look like an Olympic race that is going to have a close finish at the end.

With Alex and Marty running in slow motion, things take a turn when Alex becomes furious with Marty. With the scene still being in slow motion, Marty quickly turns away from Alex and says the phrase "sugar honey iced tea". The pace then picks up again and Alex chases Marty around the beach, which is portrayed in a friendly banter way.

You're probably thinking "what does this have to do with swearing?". Quickly look back over the phrase "sugar honey iced tea" again. Still not seeing it? Take the first letter of each word in the above phrase and put the letters together. "Sugar Honey Iced Tea. Now you see it, Dreamworks have obscurely hidden in a swearword and a lot of people in the world didn't even realise it. The hidden swear words brings down a lot of humour on the scene ans engages with the audience in a spectacular way.

The first Madagascar film became extremely popular across the world and soon returned for a second film and shortly after that, they returned (for the final time) in third film. However, it's been rumoured that the popular zoo animals will be making a return in an all new fourth film. But where Dreamworks studios has been bought by Comcast, it is left unknown whether a fourth film will actually be happening. 

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Madagascar - Making Swearing Children Friendly
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