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'Manifest' “Dead Reckoning”

Episodes 9 Recap

NBC’s hit show Manifest is about a plane that disappeared mid-flight for five and a half years and the passengers trying to live their lives after they land. 

Episode nine, "Dead Reckoning," focuses on Ben’s wife trying to plan a surprise party for him. Ben is working with NSA director Vance to find the missing passengers. One of the missing passengers, someone we haven’t seen before, stumbled upon Ben’s front yard and asks him for help.

The missing passenger was taken when the plane landed because she had warrants for her arrest. Then the police turned her over to the people running the experiment. Ben and Vance ask her questions about what they were doing to her and Dr. Fiona Clarke, who came up with the idea that led to the experiment, was present. 

When Vance and hit squad, Michaela, Ben, and Jared go to storm the base, Cal shows up and tells them where the passengers are. After a gun fight, Vance and Jared get the upper hand and arrest the people running the experiment. But after Ben and Michaela get the missing passengers out of the underground tunnels, the fire and oxygen tanks cause an explosion and Jared and Vance get caught in it. Dr. Clarke takes the passengers with her to a new secure location where she said they would be safe.

When Ben doesn’t show up for his party, two men show up and ask where he is and they tell Ben’s wife that he isn’t at work like she thought and that he had been fired the night before. When Ben comes home with Cal that night, she tells him she wants him to leave. 

The episode ends with Jared in the hospital and waking up after Michaela prayed to “the calling” to save him and director Vance dying. The missing passenger who found Ben at the beginning of the episode is revealed to be working with the people running the experiment.

This was how the show ended for the winter break since there won’t be a new episode until January 7. I thought I would predict how the second half of season one will go. 

  • I think Dr. Fiona Clarke is really working with the company doing the experiment and she took the passengers to a new location to continue it. The man in charge of the experiment, Lawrence, appeared to have died in the explosion but they didn’t confirm that. He wasn’t in charge of the company and was answering to someone or something. He could be back in future episodes.
  • The show has been leaning toward it being a secret government experiment or god behind it. I still believe it’s aliens trying to advance the human race to a new level of brain activity.
  • Michaela and Jared will end up getting together, possibly pregnant, and keep it a secret from Jared’s wife and Michaela’s best friend.
  • Cal will be the key to everything. He either saw who is behind it, the aliens, and doesn’t know what they were or is just keeping it to himself. He knew that Ben would get a calling in the tunnels before it happened that would help Ben get the passengers out.
  • Ben and his wife will most likely end up back together but I couldn’t care less either way. I think her character is poorly written and find her to be annoying. They might use a few episodes to bring her ex-boyfriend back to create more drama and pointless side stories that I don’t enjoy. 

Thank you for reading and following along. I’ll be back in January when more episodes come out. All tips are greatly appreciated.

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'Manifest' “Dead Reckoning”
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