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'Manifest' Theory, Part 2

Episode 3 and 4 Recap

Parveen Kaur as Dr. Saanvi in NBC’s Manifest

This is a recap of episode three and four of NBC’s show Manifest and we will decide if my theory that the five year gap in which the passengers and crew disappeared was still pointing to it being aliens who took them.

Episode three began with Ben and Michaela Stone going to a crime scene of Kelly Taylor after her murder in episode two. The police had their suspect already but had no weapon. They also said it was a break in gone wrong and that the only thing he had stolen was a gold necklace she wore on tv. After Michaela questioned him, he claims that he didn’t do it and says he wouldn’t hurt any of the passengers because he believes them to be “reborn” and “pure.”

Michaela decides she has to speak her truth just like Kelly did but doesn’t think that means talking to the media. She goes to tell the parents of her friend who died in a car accident that it was her fault since she was driving and had a few drinks. She had previously been cleared by a police investigation that found her under the legal limit. Her friend's mom doesn’t remember what had happened because she now has dementia and the father gave up on telling her everyday because he was tired of breaking her heart. 

Michaela is able to find the killer because she returns to her friends house to speak to the parents again but finds that the mom had gotten out and the father was told by the police to stay put just in case she came back. She’s finds her in the middle of the road and blocks another car from hitting her. When she does, she finds Kelly Taylor’s maid was driving the car that almost hit her, she also had Kelly’s necklace pointing to her being the killer.

Episode four involves both Michaela and Dr. Saanvi having visions of a stone angel telling them to save someone. They also discover that the flight stewardess had helped someone escape Jamaica on the plane. He was the one who needed saving because the government was after him for coming here illegally.

Ben’s wife reveals that she had a bunch of debt and used a $500,000 life insurance policy to pay it off but now that Ben is alive the insurance company wants the money back. Ben figures out a way to pay it back, that was when they receive a phone call from their daughter needing to be picked up from the store because she was shoplifting. When he arrives, he finds that Olive also called Grace’s ex boyfriend there to pick her up. 

There wasn’t much else here just the writers trying to cause nonsense drama to make the show more “exciting.” I don’t think it needs it, the idea for the show is already interesting enough without the boring drama of relationships.

But so far it appears that my alien experiment theory still holds up pretty well, they didn’t bring the shadow back up but they did talk about how the blood looks like as if they had been dead and then someone brought them back to life. The doctor also found that the brains scan point to someone who is having a psychotic break.

Thank you for reading and keeping up. Share your theories with me on Twitter at @theLoganMSnyder. Any tips are appreciated and if you enjoyed this, share it with your friends and family.

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'Manifest' Theory, Part 2
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