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Marvel Characters We Could See After 'Endgame'

The MCU's "Second Phase" opens a veritable smorgasbord of possibilities.

Adam Brashear, AKA Blue Marvel

The insanely successful first phase to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's evolution is about to reach it's climax with the release of Avengers Endgame later this month. While Marvel purists and casual viewers alike are waiting with baited breath to see who's gonna take the final eternal dirt nap among our heroes, the hamster wheel of ideas, rumors, and wishful thinking has started in earnest in terms of who (or what) we'll see from the MCU once Thanos gets his this time around.

There are certain major characters that we KNOW aren't going to be back, at least in the capacity that we're used to seeing them as fans (Chris Evans as Captain America and Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark immediately come to mind).  What we DO know is that the door is truly open in terms of who we'll actually see in the post "A-Team" Marvel Cinematic landscape. Here are three characters and origin stories THIS true believer would love to see the brain trust running the MCU's second half take a chance on:

Blue Marvel

Arguably one of the most powerful characters the Marvel Comic Universe has ever seen, Adam Brashear's origin story and character development would be an awesome addition to the MCU, particularly the social commentary that's woven throughout his growth as a heroic character in the comic. In an MCU where there are heavy hitter antagonists littering the landscape, the Marvel heads are bound to start introducing some more heavy hitter good guys to balance things out. Adam Brashear definitely falls into that "heavy hitter category."

Blue Marvel Commentary


Well, we haven't seen too much of the MCU landscape outside of earth, save for some glimpses of it with the GOTG (Guardians of the Galaxy), Thor: Ragnarok, and the recent release of Captain Marvel. Phase two looks to delve a LOT deeper into the scene off of Terra, particularly for the near future. The story of the Nova Corps was brief and violent in GOTG, which kinda leaves the door open to the elimination of the Nova Corps as a whole entity. Enter Richard Rider, or Nova (his Marvel persona). An origin story for one of Marvel's most underrated heroes would be pretty sweet to see in the Marvel cinematic lineup. It would also open up another track of possibilities for some of the more obscure Marvel storylines to be blended into the MCU's mosaic as well.

The Sentry

This dude fought World War Hulk to a standstill in the comic... seriously. Besides that, Robert Reynold's origin story by itself could be one of the more compelling movies that audiences could see if the concept were to make the cutting table for the MCU. This hero's story also falls in line with Marvel's eagerness to weave real-world problems and issues into a very believable storyline. A superhero with the power of a million exploding suns that also has a host of mental issues, one of which is an alter ego that's also one of the most powerful antagonists that Marvel has put in a comic book? Sounds like one heck of an MCU movie script to me.

The Sentry... Explained

There are MANY characters in the Marvel Comic library whose stories are worthy of some onscreen shine in Marvel's cinema pantheon. Who's going to make the cut? How will the geniuses crafting the MCU tell those stories? How will those stories resonate with audiences that are marvel heads and casual fans alike? Well, who knows? What we DO know is that the first phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's roll out to the masses was an unmitigated success. If THAT'S an indicator of what's to come, then we're all in for one hell of a good time. This "true believer" wouldn't have it any other way.

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Marvel Characters We Could See After 'Endgame'
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