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Marvel's 'Runaways' - Season One Review

A Grounded Superhero Series

Promotional Artwork for Marvel's Runaways [Credit: HULU]

As far as television goes, Marvel hasn’t exactly been hitting home runs, aside from their Netflix programming. I had absolutely no prior knowledge of the Runaways comic book series, so I was fairly weary of ever watching this show. Hearing praise made me a little more intrigued so I decided to give it a shot. Marvel’s Runaways may not be one of the most thought-provoking pieces of television out there, but if you’re looking for a short and sweet ten-episode first season that’s a breezy, fun time, then this is probably the show for you. I can get into just about anything, so take this review with a grain of salt, but here’s why this is a series that deserves to have the spotlight.

Marvel’s Runaways' first season follows a group of high school student as they discover weird happenings around the town and even their homes. What they soon discover is that people are being taken and experimented on by their parents, thus creating a rivalry between sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers alike. This show also dives into broken friendships and if they can be saved, unlikely couples getting together, and even exploring one's sexual orientation, all while being a fun adventure. From dinosaurs to witchcraft, these first ten episodes are quite risky at times and really makes you question the secrecy that could be going on in the midst of those around you.

Yes, as most superhero/comic book movie or television shows go, there’s a fair share of cheesy moments and the effects themselves don’t seem very realistic at times, which is why they clearly keep them to a minimum, which I actually found myself commending. Although the visuals of this show aren’t its strongest suit, I did find myself pretty shocked to see the use of the dinosaur featured throughout this show to be practical, more than half of the time. When it comes down to it though, this truly is a show about character exploration, discovering who you are, and being faced with odds that you never thought you’d ever have to face.

For these reasons, I found myself wondering who was going to be given a further character study throughout each consecutive episodes, and I was surprised on multiple occasions at who certain people were in the past and who they’ve become in the present. There are some characters that are heavily featured, who may not be all that interesting to some viewers, but the main cast of kids will more than make up for those others. The one issue I had with this show was the fact that it was focusing so much on the characters that it almost felt like it wasn’t building up to anything big.

Happily, this show finds its true stride in the final two episodes and the cliffhanger definitely hooked me for more. This show seems as though it will be following a very typical adventure structure with these kids, but if it means seeing more of these particular actors and actresses, then I’m all in. I was very impressed by their chemistry and I can’t wait to see more of them in the coming season.

In the end, I can’t quite recommend this show because it breaks new ground or anything, but I have nothing holding me back from saying it’s a blast from start to finish. Watching these kids come from either being the popular kids or the nerds and all learning to get along like the did in the past felt very authentic. Marvel’s Runaways is a solidly written series and the tone is always picture perfect. I never felt that a joke was out of place or an emotional moment was ruined by a bad performance. Looking forward to season two.

Rating: 4/5 

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Marvel's 'Runaways' - Season One Review
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