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Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige Says Spider-Man Is the Greatest Superhero Ever — This Is Why He's Right

Feige didn't have to think twice when it came to naming which hero he considers the greatest.

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' [Credit: Marvel]

Everybody has their personal favorite superhero, and that includes Marvel Studios chief #KevinFeige. As fans across the world wait for the release of #SpiderManHomecoming, Feige spoke about the web-slinger for the Disney Channel special A Fan’s Guide to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Even with the insanely large slate of characters who call Marvel home, Feige didn't have to think twice when it came to naming which hero he considers the greatest: Peter Parker.

Feige briefly touched on his adoration for Spider-Man:

“Spider-Man is the biggest Marvel character. He is the jewel in the crown. Such an amazing icon. He’s a very different kind of hero because he is, quite simply, the greatest superhero of all time.”

With Tom Holland, Spidey is in good hands. Fans were initially worried that such a young actor wouldn't be able to handle the pressures of the role — Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were in their late 20s when initially cast — but virtually everyone praised his cameo in Civil War. Spider-Man remains as beloved a character as ever, so here are a few reasons why Feige's GOAT declaration is an accurate one:

1. No Other Superhero Has His Moves

[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Spider-Man doesn't have a specialized web-cave where he can store all of his gadgets and knickknacks, nor does he run a multi-billion-dollar empire. As a young man with not nearly as many financial resources as his Avenger counterparts, Parker had to use his own ingenuity. He taught himself how to use his powers, and inexperience never deterred him from doing the right thing.

Even Spider-Man's physical movements had an impact on the comic book world. Readers were accustomed to the straightforward brawler-type artwork featured in Superman and Captain America comics, but web-slinger introduced a leaner, contorted gymnastics style. The spidery movements — like his bent legs and chilling out while upside down — allowed readers to witness a character drawn in a way they had never really seen before.

2. He Gets Hurt And That's Okay

Spider-Man can and does get his ass kicked ... hard. Although he is undeniably powerful, he's not the Hulk — when he is beaten down by a seemingly superior opponent, you feel it. And you feel his endurance when he gets back up from being pummelled. Peter Parker is truly the superhero embodiment of "I could do this all day."

3. 'He's Just A Kid'

Spider-Man's relatablility is arguably his most important component as a character. He was the first major teenage superhero, not just a sidekick. Young fans had the opportunity to imagine themselves in a hero's shoes, thanks to co-creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The legendary duo wanted to stray away from creating a perfectly all-powerful adult; instead they created Peter as a normal teenager with flaws and everyday struggles like homework and romantic issues.

4. He's Everything A Superhero Should Be

Throughout the comics and film instalments, audiences have grown to admire Spider-Man for placing aside his own wellbeing for the sake of others. Regardless of how many times he has experienced the lowest of lows (the loss of his beloved Uncle Ben and his love Gwen Stacy) or contemplated giving up his heroic identity (as seen in 2004's Spider-Man 2), Peter Parker always finds himself putting others first.

Even in The Superior Spider-Man, when faced with losing everything and Doc Ock taking his place, Peter Parker chooses to use his final moments to tell Octavius everything he needs to know about being a hero. Peter wants to know that the people he vowed to protect are left in the safe hands of a capable Spider-Man — even if he is not the one to protect them anymore.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]

The comic book realm is filled with spectacular characters and rich universes that have entertained fans for decades. Certain superheroes manage to transcend generations by appealing to the very depths of the heart, and Spider-Man is one of the best examples. As film instalments come and go, and another actor eventually takes the helm, the inner good of the Spidey character will remain...

And if we're lucky, maybe we'll receive another weird dance out of it!

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in theaters on July 7, 2017

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Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige Says Spider-Man Is the Greatest Superhero Ever — This Is Why He's Right
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