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Marvel Superhero Alphabet

From Arana to Zeitgeist, this Marvel superhero alphabet praises the little-known people in the massive world of Marvel.

The Marvel universe is one that is chock-full of amazing characters, superb superheroes, and vicious villains. Most people have heard of major Marvel Superhero groups like The Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy. 

However, there isn't really that much love when it comes to some of the minor characters in the universe. A comic book geek is tired of seeing the same people in the Marvel spotlight.

So, it's time to fix that — and what better way to do it than make a Marvel superhero alphabet that's focused on some of the less-famous names? Check out these lesser-known superheroes you might want to read about next time you hit the comics store!

A is for Araña

Araña is a Latin superhero that really doesn't get enough love. Born as Anya Corazon, Araña ended up gaining superpowers after being enchanted by a sorcerer from the Spider Society as a way of thanking her for saving his life. 

She now goes by Spider-Girl, and much like the more famous Spider-Man, has super strength, super speed, webbing, and wall-crawling. Though she's not as well-known as many of the other people associated with Spider-Man, Araña is slowly gaining a lot of fans in the Marvel Universe. 

With a little hope, this member of our Marvel superhero alphabet will get more limelight soon. 

B is for Big Bertha

Big Bertha is a lady that definitely deserves to be in this unique spin on a Marvel superhero alphabet, primarily because she's such a fascinating character. 

Originally a supermodel by the name of Ashley Crawford, Big Bertha ended up gaining super powers via mutation. Realizing that she could transform her body and add hundreds of pounds of bulk in a matter of seconds, she decided to work with Mister Immortal as part of a superhero group. 

Nowadays, she still models on runways — but she also fights crime. 

Though she might seem like a minor character in the Marvel Universe right now, the truth is that she might not stay minor for too much longer. Deadpool, a relatively recent superstar in the Marvel world, has long been established to be attracted to long as she's in her big form

C is for Callisto

To a point, it's not totally fair that Callisto ends up getting a spot on this Marvel superhero alphabet. Many actually believe she's a villain, but in truth, she's a superheroine who was long misunderstood. 

Callisto was a mutant who ended up getting disfigured by an accident. The disfigurement left her with a facial scar across her right eye — and a lot of resentment for a society that could turn on her so quickly. She fled away from all the people who mocked her, gathered a bunch of similarly outcasted mutants, and founded the Morlocks. 

The Morlocks ended up being a rival of the X-Men, until Storm took leadership of the group. Unfortunately, most members either lost their powers or were killed in a massacre in the Marvel Prime universe. Even so seeing a strong female leader with a badass scar would be amazing in a new Marvel movie, don't you agree?

D is for Dakota North

Dakota North is a private investigator who has worked alongside major superheroes like Spider-Man...and yet we don't see her in many comics, shows, or movies! 

Unlike most of the others on this particular Marvel superhero alphabet, Dakota North doesn't actually have any superpowers. Rather, her super ability boils down to years of fighting training, hard work, and having an uncanny knack for the art of private investigation.

Girl power? Oh my, yes!

E is for Edwin Jarvis

Edwin Jarvis is one of those characters that Marvel comics readers may have noticed on a regular basis but might not have actually realized how long time a character he really is. 

A former World War II fighter pilot, Jarvis ended up becoming Tony Stark's long term employee and friend. He's been present ever since the first meeting of the Avengers, and regularly can be seen in the background of Stark's mansion in issue after issue. 

Though he's most well-known as Tony Stark's butler, Jarvis actually held a title of Chief of Staff in the original gathering of the Avengers. So, while you might think he's just a mild-mannered butler, this guy actually is one of the best undercover superheroes on this list. 

F is for Forge

One of the lesser-known X-Men is Forge, a super genius creator not unlike Tony Stark himself. A Cheyenne tribesman, Forge studied under a shaman and was given the gift of being able to create incredible mechanical inventions as well as being able to understand concepts intuitively. He's also an adept sorcerer. 

In his career throughout the Marvel Universe, Forge was a leader in X-Force, saved Rogue from being wrongly jailed for a crime she didn't commit, and also worked alongside major names like Cable and Storm. Overall, it's not a bad rap sheet — and that's why we're putting him in our Marvel superhero alphabet. 

G is for Gargoyle

Isaac Christians was a World War I veteran before he fused with an ancient gargoyle statue via occult practices. Now, his life is extended, he can fly, he has super strength...and he was also a major player in The New Defenders. 

Gargoyle has saved the day alongside badass characters like Beast, Hellcat, and Nighthawk. His thick skin (literally) allowed him to survive tons of crazy things, but these days, he generally just keeps in touch with others on the Defenders team. 

Even though he doesn't really do much these days, it'd be awesome to see a Marvel movie based on Gargoyle. As a result, he's earned a place on our Marvel superhero alphabet — and we want to see more of him in the future. 

H is for Hepzibah

Most of the major superheroes you know that start with the letter H have gotten their place in the sun. Hepzibah, though, has not. Hepzibah is an alien from Tryl'sart who just so happens to have a slew of superhuman powers. 

Hepzibah can't seem to keep herself away from saving the Earth, despite having been born on another planet. Over the years, the stunning visitor from outer space has teamed up with the Silver Surfer, the X-Men, and the Hulk. 

She deserves a lot more attention than just a Marvel superhero alphabet debut. Let's see this superheroine finally make it to the big screen, and show us all the awesome stuff she's picked up from Tryl'sart. 

I is for Ikaris

One of the less popular superhero groups in the Marvel Universe is the Eternals, an offshoot of humanity that's known for superhuman powers and exceptionally long lifespans. (It sounds much like the X-Men, but this is a more fantasy-based group.)

Throughout the years, Ikaris was a warrior who fought against the Deviants' attempts to oppress, enslave, and annihilate humanity — and succeeded quite a few times. That's why he's nominated for our Marvel superhero alphabet, and why he rules. 

He's considered to be the most powerful Eternal on Earth, and if you read his stories, you'll totally understand why he definitely deserves more love than he's gotten. 

J is for James Woo

James "Jimmy" Woo is a superhero who has an impressive pedigree — even by Marvel standards. He's worked with the FBI, with S.H.I.E.L.D, as well as the Protectors. His superhero career started out in the FBI as an investigative agent but quickly skyrocketed after he saved President Eisenhower from being kidnapped. 

Over the years, he's battled alien Skrulls and saved humanity alongside Nick Fury and other major names. Why Woo hasn't seen his spotlight yet is beyond us, so the least we can do is add him to the Marvel superhero alphabet. 

K is for Karma

Karma, who was born as Xi'an Coy Manh, is a member of the X-Men who was born during the Vietnam War. When she was a child, an enemy soldier tried to kill her sibling. Using her mental powers, she was able to thwart the attack — and save her family. 

It took her a very long time to accept her superpowers, and eventually, that acceptance led her straight into Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. From then on, she worked alongside many major Marvel X-men to help save the day. 

However, we still don't see her much outside of comics. 

With her awesome backstory and her fascinating powers, we'd love to see more Karma going around. Unfortunately, all we can really do is just add her to the Marvel superhero alphabet and hope that people get the drift. 

L is for Leech

Leech was one of the few mutants in the Marvel Universe who had his powers show up before he actually was a teenager. Unfortunately for Leech, he wasn't a "cute" mutant, and that eventually caused him to have to seek refuge in the NYC subways with the Morlocks. 

Even empathetic Annabelle, who had lost her own children, rejected him because of how ugly he looked. Eventually, she did "come around," and ended up being his foster mother — until she was massacred. 

Ever since then, Leech has found solace with the X-Force team, as well as the X-Men. He's worked alongside them to help prevent mutant genocide, and that alone makes him definitely worthy of being featured on a Marvel superhero alphabet feature. 

M is for Miss America

Everyone has heard of Captain America, but have you ever heard of Miss America? Beauty pageant moniker aside, Miss America also happens to be a Marvel superheroine who's been featured in comic books for the past 70 years.

Madeline Joyce was the daughter of a millionaire until she was electrocuted one day. Though she survived the million-watt jolt, the electricity woke up some latent superpowers in her.  Ever since then, she's donned the Miss America name and costume to fight crime. 

Over the years, she's fought Nazis and worked as a government operative. How she managed to slip through the cracks all these years, we don't know. As a result, we're giving her a special spot on our Marvel superhero alphabet. 

N is for Nuke

Nuke, if you haven't really gone deep into Marvel comics, is best described as a mix between The Punisher, Duke Nukem, and Captain America. He got his start as a black-ops agent in Vietnam, but after he was horribly injured, he was given cybernetic enhancements that quickly became the source of his superpowers. 

Unlike most superheroes, Nuke's a bit of a loose cannon — which is probably why he never quite went full mainstream. 

Even so, he's badass enough to earn the letter "N" on this Marvel superhero alphabet...and maybe that may get enough attention to give him more appearances in the Marvel Universe. 

O is for Orphan

Orphan, also known as Guy Smith or Mister Sensitive, was a superhero in the now-defunct X-Statix group. His main super power also happened to be his weakness: supersensitivity.  Supersensitivity aside, he also could levitate, had super strength, and also had super speed. 

It's really hard to explain why Orphan was such a near superhero without actually involving scenes from X-Statix in the explanation. He was funny. He was emotional. He also was brave enough to face certain death...and that's actually why he died. 

P is for Puck

Puck, also known as Eugene Judd, is a superhero who ended up getting most of his action in during the Alpha Flight comics series in the 80s — with later appearances happening as part of X-Force. 

Born in 1914, Puck has regularly been the victim (or recipient) of spells that caused him to shrink in size and regain youth. After a number of crazy adventures, Sasquatch was able to save him and "compress" him into a tiny 3'6 figure. 

Nowadays, he has compressed rubber powers and is regularly called "the heart and soul" of Alpha Flight. There's something incredibly awesome about having a little person who packs such a powerful punch, so that's why he deserves more praise than he's gotten. 

Since it seems like a lot of comic readers forgot about him, we're bringing the Puck back with our Marvel superhero alphabet entry. (See what we did there?)

Q is for Quasar

Quasar is the name of two different Marvel superheroes; for the sake of this article, we're going to focus on Wendell Vaughn. Wendell Vaughn has a pretty serious Marvel association list with him, with some of his former allegiances including the FBI, the Avengers, and Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.  

At one point in his life, he was incorporeal and made of quantum energy. Like others involved in the Marvel Universe, Quasar fought against the Skrulls and helped protect the Earth from alien invasions. 

To a point, the sheer list of groups he's involved in may mean that it's just a matter of time before we see Quasar on the silver screen. Until then, we'll give him a place on the Marvel superhero alphabet. 

R is for Ricochet

Ricochet is one of those characters that have a lot in common with major silver screen superheroes but hasn't quite caught on yet. That's why we're placing him on our Marvel superhero alphabet — and once you understand his backstory, you'll totally dig it. 

Ricochet, who was originally called John Gallo, quickly became destined to be a superhero after his mother was killed. After realizing he had superpowers, Ricochet dedicated his life to being a crime fighter all while keeping his identity a secret. 

It's a classic storyline, and to a point, that's why we think we need to see more Ricochet. 

S is for Snowbird

Snowbird, also known as Narya, is a half-goddess/half-human shapeshifter who has fought alongside others on this list as part of Alpha Flight. As part Northern Earth goddess and part human, she occasionally leaves her physical form and reincarnates — which we imagine must make it hard for anyone who tries to catch her. 

She can turn into Arctic animals, fly, and also has incredible mental powers. Her only weakness? If she leaves Canada, she's weakened. So, to a point, there's not much she can do. 

To a point, her character is both insanely easy and difficult to work with. However, that's why she's probably just on a Marvel superheroes alphabet list rather than major TV shows. 

T is for Thundra

In terms of sheer girl power, Thundra is hard to beat. Much like Wonder Woman, Thundra is known for joining teams that are filled with woman warriors and for having a similarly Amazonian vibe. However, unlike Wonder Woman, she's actually a government-created super soldier for the Midwest Republic. 

That being said, Thundra only really exists in a Marvel alternate timeline called Earth-715. If you love alternative timelines, then reading Thundra's comics will definitely be a good option. Until she becomes "fully canon," Thundra will just have to settle for associating with Universe Prime characters on the list we've made.

U is for U-Go Girl

One of the most underappreciated superheroes in the Marvel X-Force comic line was U-Go Girl, a fellow teammate of Orphan. Edie Sawyer, as she was known, got her superheroine start after it became clear she had developed teleportation powers as a teenager. 

However, to really get into the superhero game, she ended up absconding to Hollywood...and got her name after she flashed her breasts to the paparazzi. 

Though she had a lot of adventures with the X-Force crew, she ended up dying after being shot with a bone spur. Her last request was to rename the team to X-Statix — and they complied. 

V is for Vivisector

Vivisector, of X-Force and X-Statix fame, is one of the first openly gay superheroes out there. His special powers involved being able to rend flesh with razor-sharp claws and also be a werewolf. 

Though his superhero run only lasted a total of three years, Vivisector definitely had his moments. He had a killer wit, had a fascinating relationship with Phat, and also was brilliantly capable as a hero. 

Sadly, Marvel didn't seem to appreciate him — so they killed him off along with the rest of the X-Statix crew. However, we can still immortalize his memory with a spot on the obscure Marvel superhero alphabet. 

W is for Wonder Man

Wonder Man is one of those superheroes that gets overshadowed by someone with a similar name — but he himself has quite a few accomplishments that make him worthy of a lot more screentime. The Marvel superhero alphabet we made is one that praises characters that are unfairly overlooked, so he definitely qualifies in that sense. 

Wonder Man's superhero career spanned a number of A-list superhero leagues. He's been in S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Avengers Unity Division — and also had a major comic book story arc that involved a civil war, fighting against other heroes, and more. 

When you actually read comics featuring Wonder Man, it becomes clear that he's one of the most powerful and emotional heroes out there. Needless to say, he'd be awesome to see on television.

X is for X-23

Of all the Marvel superhero alphabet entries on this list, we're willing to bet that you are most likely to have recognized X-23. This femme fatale was made in the same lab as Wolverine, and also played a pretty big role in Logan.

Her superhero clout has been slowly growing over the years, and the truth is that a movie about her is pretty overdue. Despite the fact that she's now famous in the Marvel movie world, the truth is that there are still quite a few who think she's obscure. 

Let's change that, okay?

Y is for Yellowjacket

Yellowjacket is a name that a number of superheroes had, including Hank "Ant Man" Pym. However, since Pym's pretty well-known, we're going to look at Rita DeMara — the female Yellowjacket of the 80s. 

Unlike most other people involved in crazy superhero stunts, Yellowjacket didn't actually have any superpowers or special abilities. Her only real strength was an awesome command of cybernetic technology, and surprisingly, that's led her into some pretty amazing adventures. 

She's also fairly unusual because she originally started out as a criminal, but later joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. From there on, she became a do-gooder hero...and was a damned good one, too. 

At one point in the Marvel Universe, Yellowjacket died, and actually got resurrected so that she could save the Avengers and create her own team called the Defenders. Not too shabby!

Z is for Zeitgeist

X-Force leader Zeitgeist, also known as Axel Cluney, really isn't one of the more popular or well-known superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Part of the reason why this is probably is due to his superpower ability of...well...puking gelatinous, acid gunk at people. 

However, as gross as that may be, Zeitgeist was known in the X-Force comics as a natural leader and as a boyfriend of multiple models. So, he couldn't have been all that bad, right? 

Now you know your ABC's...

Did we overlook someone awesome in the Marvel superhero alphabet we made? If so, sorry!

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