Marvel Superheroes That Could Theoretically Exist

Even though superheroes are super fictional, there are a few that can actually be real... I'm serious. So, here are a few Marvel superheroes that could theoretically exist.

Superheroes are fictional characters... There, I said it. Sorry to rain on your parade, but superheroes who possess certain abilities and powers can't actually be real. If you think so otherwise, then let me know how a human can obtain the same powers as the Hulk or Thor. I didn't think so either.

However, there are definitely skills and abilities that some of our favorite superheroes acquire and they are realistic — nothing supernatural like flying or turning yourself into a flame ball. I mean like skills in martial arts, great strength, professionally using weapons, etc. Those kind of superpowers — ones that people can train themselves to obtain.

So, since certain superheroes are very skillful in certain combat fighting whether it's their hands or their weapons, these superheroes can technically exist in real life. How? Well, I'm about to explain and show you just who from the iconic Marvel superheroes could theoretically exist. Who knows, they can possibly be roaming the streets as you're reading this.


If you’re a Wolverine fan and all you’re thinking about is his ability to heal almost any wound instantly, that’s not technically what I mean about him having realistic abilities — so, cut that one out (no pun intended). What I mean is his trademark claws. You know exactly what I’m talking about, those three long blades that rip out of his knuckles when shit is about to go down.

Well, no one can actually have blades stick out from your knuckles — people do have handmade versions of them. And given his intense fighting skills and his claws expertise, Wolverine can be among other Marvel superheroes that could theoretically exist. But if you do intend on getting your hands on a pair of claws, do be careful.


Another one from Marvel superheroes that could theoretically exist is Spider-Man. Yes, I know, it’s not possible to shoot spiderwebs from your wrists, swing from one building to another, and stick to any vertical flat surfaces with the palms of your hands, but his crazy fighting and strength skills can make him a realistic superhero. Ever heard of parkour? That’s basically all that Spider-Man is doing — jumping from roof to roof and swinging from streetlights. But don’t attempt any of those.

In fact, Spider-Man is really flexible, fast, and strong. You don’t even have to be bitten by a spider to train yourself like him. So, please, don’t lean your hand towards a venomous tarantula — you’ll be the complete opposite of him. And I’m not referring to his enemy Venom, I mean you’ll end up in the hospital weak and frail.


Probably the most realistic out of the other Marvel superheroes that could theoretically exist, Hawkeye (Clint Barton) is seen to be one of the more boring superheroes in Marvel comics — because he doesn't really possess any special powers. He's just skillful as hell with his trusty bow and arrow.

Aside from the haters, I love Hawkeye. His heightened reflexes and hand-eye-coordination make him an amazing archer. He was definitely a huge help in The Avengers, too. So, basically, any great acher can be Hawkeye... kind of. You'll need a lot more training to reach Hawkeye's level.

Captain America

Captain American started off like a few of us — weak, wimpy with a big heart and a lot of courage. But, let’s admit it, Steve Rogers was literally a shrimp, until he became a lab rat and turned out to be one of the strongest Marvel superheroes.

Yes, it’s almost unrealistic for someone so small and fragile to suddenly turn into a brawny beast. And no, steroids are never, ever the answer — don’t do it.

Steve is also really skillful with his shield. Even though shields are made to block out any attacks, he also uses it in battle — making him one of the Marvel superheroes that could theoretically exist.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage is definitely one badass superhero who’s street fighting skills are through the roof. Through self-taught hand-to-hand combat on the streets for years, Cage is an excellent athlete who’s strength is unimaginable. Even though it’s not humanly possible to reach Cage’s level of strength, his street fighting can be picked up by practicing very often.

Not to mention his linguistic skills — he’s able to speak in several different languages. So, a powerful, street-fighting linguist? Why isn’t there someone like him on the streets already?… Or maybe there is.


Divorced to Hawkeye, Mockingbird is also seen as one of the Marvel superheroes that could theoretically exist. Similar to Hawkeye, Mockingbird (Barbara “Bobbi” Morse Barton) is a topnotch gymnast who's also excellent in martial arts, and hand-to-hand combat. Even though she's one of the more underrated superheroes in Marvel, her kickass skills should give her more recognition.

She's very skillful with her battle staves — labeling her as a proficient marks-woman. And did you know she has a doctorates degree in biology? Brains, beauty, and a badass — someone make her real, please.


There is not one person that I know who doesn't love Deadpool. Not "like," love Deadpool. He's honestly one of the funniest expert assassins in Marvel.

Wade Wilson, a.k.a., Deadpool, is easily one of the Marvel superheroes that could theoretically exist. Even though no human can really heal their wounds, or even grow back limbs or vital organs, instantly, he's extraordinarily talented in hand-to-hand combat and he’s a true marksman with his guns and bladed weapons. And similar to Luke Cage, Deadpool is fluent in Japanese, German, Spanish, and other languages.

Imagine witnessing an actual Deadpool in the streets? I wouldn't want to be on that man's hit list... And NEVER make fun of the way he looks — you'll actually end up on his list.


When you're losing one sense, like sight, your other senses are heightened drastically — that's what happened to Daredevil. For one of the Marvel superheroes that could theoretically exist, Daredevil can actually be realistic. For a blindman, his senses of hearing, touch, taste, and smell are all increased.

Aside from the fact that he can taste every single ingredient in any food, Daredevil has amazing strength, speed, balance, and reflexes — he's also very skillful in acrobatic and gymnastic. As a master in martial arts, boxing, the Japanese arts of ninjutsu, judo, and aiki-jujutsu — Daredevil basically possesses every skill and talent, but the only thing he's lacking is sight. A powerful superhero like him doesn't need sight.

Molly Hayes

I would like to start off by saying that I'm the real life Molly Hayes. Why? This girl has an inhuman amount of strength and skills in combat. But whenever she uses her powers, she becomes sleepy (me). I get drained whenever I work out — no, I'm exhausted after walking for a couple of minutes... OK, I may not be the real life Molly, but I do sleep for a long period of time when I'm drained — just like Molly who knocks out after she uses her powers. I'm sure there are also people out there who possess similar qualities.

Black Widow

Yes, our favorite badass chick who's also among the other Marvel superheroes that could theoretically exist. Black Widow (Natasha Romanova) is an excellent spy, athlete, and assassin who was trained at a young age. Even though she was an enemy in the beginning, she soon allied with the Avengers — making her one of the most powerful female Marvel superheroes.

I definitely know there are people out there who have similar qualities and skills as the Black Widow — you cannot tell me otherwise. She may be a fictional character, but she has abilities that can make her a real life superhero.

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