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Matthew Lawrence to Appear on 'Girl Meets World'

Matthew Lawrence will be reprising his role as Jack Hunter on 'Girl Meets World.'

Awhile back a picture made it into twitter with many of the original cast together behind the scenes of Girl Meets World. At the time, Disney denied that Matthew Lawrence would be reprising his role as Shawn's older brother, Jack, but creator Michael Jacobs, has confirmed that Matthew will be making an appearance, stating this about his return episode:

"Jack and Eric come to the girls’ middle school semi-formal through a very believable circumstance, and that’s where Jack Hunter meets Riley Matthews. He doesn’t know that she’s Cory’s daughter, but his realization that this can happen in life, that Cory and Topanga can have a creature such as this, changes him. It’s a lovely episode.”

The episode shows Jack as a business man, who has become estranged from his college friends, very different from how we saw him in the end of the series.

There are many new plans to expand on bringing the original cast more into the show, with Rider Strong, Shawn, becoming a recurring character and Will Friedle planning on making more guest appearances. There is also talks of Trina Mcgee, who played Shawn's love interest Angela, making an appearance. I actually am nervous about that one, I like the idea of Maya's mom and Shawn together.

Either way, it's great to see that the original cast is in such support of the show, many of them having already made guest appearances, even our beloved Mr. Feeny. Here's to many more guest appearances, throwbacks, and many laughs.


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Matthew Lawrence to Appear on 'Girl Meets World'
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