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MCM Comic Con London 2017

This year was my best year!

Nyan Cat was a badass cat on a Hello Kitty vehicle!

So last weekend, I attended MCM Comicon at the Excel centre in London and of course, it was spectacular! It was a geek's dream! It just gets bigger and bigger every year, which is amazing. This year, Marvel was the biggest hit of the con; covering about 30–40 percent of the centre. There were statues such as Iron Man, the Hulk, Spiderman, Groot, and much more! I never really checked out the statues as much because I was too busy at the food stalls! There were also stalls with mystery boxes, shirts, hoodies, keychains, and anything nerdy you can think of. My guilty pleasure was Funko Pops. They're collectable pops that come in various different genres such as movies, TV shows, anime, and video games. I currently own all of the overwatch pops thanks to Forbidden Planet at Comic Con. You should go check them out! They're full of geeky things! 

Where I Stayed for the Weekend

For that weekend, I stayed at the Good Hotel London, which was only a five-minute walk away from the Excel centre. That sure came in handy on really heavy nights! The room itself was very spacious and comfortable. I stopped by there quite a few times over the weekend just to drop some bags off and head out to the convention again. I bought a lot of things, some which were too heavy to carry around the convention centre with me! 


I found a Mei (overwatch) cosplayer along my travels and just had to take a photo with her!

Moving on to the cosplays; I cosplayed Nyan Cat (as in the picture shown at the beginning of this article), and Aerith from Final Fantasy 7 (shown in the picture just above).

Along the way, I saw some very interesting cosplayers; the common ones being Overwatch characters such as D.VA, Mcree, Reindhart, and Mercy. Other popular ones were IT the clown, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman. It is always nice to see the variety of cosplays around. I happened to meet my fate while cosplaying Aerith (spoiler alert... sorry...) 

Thanks again, Sephiroth.

Guest Stars

We had a few big guest stars these years. I only got to meet two of them: Johnny Yong Bosch who starred in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and voiced several characters in anime including Bleach, Code Geass, and one of my all time favourite anime movies Wolf's Rain. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to take any photos with him. I also met Andrew Lee Potts who starred in the ITV show Primeval. I did manage to get a photo with him! He was really nice about it as well. It's not all the time that you get to meet a celebrity, so I seized the opportunity to snap a photo.

Myself and Andrew Lee Potts from the ITV show Primeval.

After Parties

When there's a big event, there will always be an after party! Unfortunately, there wasn't an official MCM after party like last year, but we all made one of our own at the local bar near the Excel Centre known as The Fox. Seeing as it was close to Halloween, the first night I went there, I dressed up as a vampire little red riding hood, which was pretty awesome. The music was loud, drinks were expensive, but delicious, and all in all, just a lot of fun. It was so much fun that I spent the next three nights there, drinking... Quite heavily and waking up hungover almost every morning. My memories of the night are still very fuzzy but I had people fill me in with what they could. Let's just say... They're quite... Embarrassing moments! 

Overall, Comicon this year was marvellous! It's a shame it flew by so quickly. I got to reunite with friends and just nerd out in a place where people had somewhat the same interests as me, if not similar. The next MCM comicon is in May next year, and I'm hoping this time it is bigger and better!

Until then, stay nerdy, guys!


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MCM Comic Con London 2017
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