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MCU Phase 4 Predictions!

Which heroes will join and which will leave?

Avengers: End Game will be launching into theatres on the 26th of April of this year and with the release of this movie comes the end of the MCU phase three and the beginning of phase four. There has been a lot of theorizing between Marvel fans of which of our beloved heroes will be losing the second bout against Thanos and not making it through the next film. Some of the heroes involved in phase three of the MCU will not be carried on to the next phase.

During this article, I will be trying to predict the MCU phase four in terms of which characters will be exiting the MCU during phase three, and therefore will not be appearing in phase four. Also which characters will be joining the MCU during this phase that has yet to appear on screen and finally which movies will be released during phase four.

Characters Departing:

1. Nebula

Nebula, the adopted daughter of the mad titan himself has always been a complicated character ever since meeting her in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1. She has changed from villain to hero and back many times and in my opinion, she hasn’t lived up to the hype she once had in the first installment of the guardians.

End Game would be the best and most acceptable time to end her story arc, this is due to her story arc in the comics as she is the one to steal the gauntlet from her father Thanos. I am certain this is not the story that the heads from Marvel are going with and thanks to this I think Nebula starts to become useless in the story, therefore I don’t think she will be involved in phase four.

2. Hawkeye/Ronin

Our beloved Clint Barton seems to have taken a dark turn into the character of Ronin from the looks of the first trailer of Avengers: End Game. This is why I am sure that Hawkeye will not be returning in phase four of the MCU, due to the change of character I think that Clint’s family may have been killed during the Thanos snap. This could cause Clint to go a little bit insane and could lose his life trying to undo the snap.

Due to Hawkeye not being one of the favourite original Avengers I think that if the heads at Marvel are looking for some characters to kill off to be able to add new heroes into the fold, then Hawkeye does seem like one of the best options to finish their story in a heroic way. This would be a great way to end the Hawkeye story arc and also a good way to redeem the character in the eyes of the fans.

3. Iron Man

Tony Stark and Iron Man is the father of the MCU since the first Iron Man movie the MCU has went from strength to strength and has morphed into a multibillion-dollar film franchise. However, I now feel as if it is time for the character of Iron Man to leave the MCU and for some other character to take father roles such as Doctor Strange or Black Panther.

Coming into phase four of the MCU I think that there are so many extremely powerful characters in Marvel that some of the powerhouse characters that all of the fans love have to take a step back. In the case of Tony Stark, this doesn’t have to be death, I think the perfect way to get rid of Iron Man while still being able to revive the character would be to have Pepper Potts fall pregnant and for Tony to retire to be a father.

4. Captain America (Steve Rodgers)

The reason that I think that Steve Rodgers won’t make it through phase three is because of the amount of time his character has been in the universe. He has been in the MCU almost as long as Iron Man and he has been one of the most powerful characters and one of the biggest fan favourite characters since the launch of the MCU.

I think that the mantle of Captain America will survive into phase four but I think the mantle will be held by Bucky Barnes. During Avengers: End Game someone will more than likely have to defeat Thanos while laying their life on the line and I think that that person will be Steve Rodgers. This will give the character a great emotional death that packs a punch during the film, it also links back to past films where Steve has almost given his life to save someone else. 

Characters Arriving: 

1. Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock was first teased during one of the post-credit scenes of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Fans are still waiting to see Adam Warlock be added into the MCU, being one of the most powerful characters in all of Marvel comics it would be amazing to see him on the silver screen.

I would like to see Adam be added in during the next Avengers film, he could be the one to turn the odds in the Avengers favour and team up with the rest of the Avengers and Captain Marvel. In the comics, Adam Warlock actually wields the infinity gauntlet and is deemed worthy of using the power, this is why it seems like the perfect time to introduce him into the MCU.

2. X-Men

The X-Men have recently been Purchased by Disney and Marvel along with a lot of other characters from FOX. With the new phase coming to the MCU and some characters dying, I think the new phase would be the perfect time to introduce the X-Men into the franchise. The X-Men would also bring a breath of fresh air into the MCU and a massive injection of cash and interest in new films.

Fans have been desperate to see the X-Men team up with the Avengers ever since the first Avengers film back in 2012. The X-Men could also bring a new villain into the MCU phase four, if Thanos is defeated during Avengers: End Game in Magneto. This would also be interesting as Magneto is Scarlett Witch's father, which would mean that Marvel could centre the new phase on Scarlet Witch.

3. Deadpool

The same as with the X-Men, The Merc with a Mouth has also been purchased as part of the FOX deal. As he is separate from the X-Men being R-rated, I have decided to keep him separate. Deadpool would work amazingly in the MCU, many fans think that he would not be able to be added due to his R-rating I think that he could appear sometimes in PG-13 Avengers films while still keeping his R-rated solo ventures, which would please both sets of fans.

The addition of Deadpool would bring some much-needed comic relief to the MCU with him breaking the fourth wall and constantly not taking his duties seriously. He would also bring many of his own fans to the MCU that may not have previously taken interest in the films which would boost the interest in phase four.

Fantastic Four

Another part of the FOX deal is the Fantastic Four. These characters and the characters they bring with them are a staple of Marvel comics and are well overdue being added into the MCU. Phase four is the best time to add them into the universe as in Spider-Man: Homecoming, you see that Tony Stark has sold the Avengers tower as they are moving upstate. This is perfect for the Fantastic Four, as if they are introduced, they need a Baxter Building to move into and the old Avengers tower is perfect for them to move into as their new home.

The Fantastic Four are undoubtedly fan favourites and introducing them into the MCU during phase four can only bring good things into the franchise, especiallu with the number of characters and storylines that they bring with them. Not to mention that if they are introduced, then phase four could be all centred on Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four teaming up with the Avengers to defeat him.

Phase Four Movies: 

1. Spider-Man Far From Home

Due to this movie being already confirmed, filmed and is going to be released very soon, this entry will not be speculation like the rest. Spider-Man Far From Home looks like an amazing film from the trailer that was recently released. This film is the first in phase four coming to theatres three months after Avengers: End Game.

This could be the best film to start off the new phase in the MCU since Spider-Man is the founding member of the new generation of Avengers. The first MCU Spider-Man film done a really excellent job of showing the audience the effects of the battle of New York on the average people, and I think that this movie could show the real effects of End Game; whatever will be the outcome of that.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

With the success of the first two volumes, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 promises to be another smash hit even without the directive talents of James Gunn. The first two guardians films have been some of my favourite movies of the MCU so far and I have extremely high hopes for the third instalment.

This film has the potential to introduce some very interesting characters in the universe. They have the chance to bring Adam Warlock and Nova into the universe, as we have already seen Adam Warlock’s birthing cocoon in the first guardians and we have seen the Nova Corps also in the first movie. These two characters are incredibly strong and would be an amazing addition to the MCU, overall this gives me a lot of hope for this film.

3. Doctor Strange Sequel

The first Doctor Strange film opened new doors for the MCU with the introduction of the mystic arts. This film also showed how powerful a hero can be if they can use these powers. The film also introduced one of the infinity stones also known as the time stone which during this film was harnessed using the eye of agamotto by the Doctor.

A sequel to this film would be fantastic for the phase four of the MCU, with the number of new heroes introduced in phase three it would be great for Marvel to keep faith in these heroes and give them all the amount of movies they need to flesh out their story. A Doctor Strange 2 movie could help the MCU delve deeper into the mystic arts to add a new dimension to the universe.

4. Black Panther Sequel

The first black panther film in the MCU was extremely well received by almost every movie critic and has received so many awards since its release. This is undoubtedly one of the best films in the MCU in terms of story and villain, however, I still don’t think it is the best film.

A sequel to this film would obviously make Marvel a ton of money, but I don’t think this should be the main reason for making the film. Relating back to the last entry I think that the newly introduced characters in phase three should lead the MCU into phase four such as Spider-Man, Black Panther and Doctor Strange. If this film is done right and builds on the first movie it could be the best film in phase four of the MCU.

5. New Character Movies

Thanks to the Marvel and Fox merger we now have so many characters to use in movies during the fourth phase of the MCU. If Marvel plan this correctly they need to release characters at the right time for the longevity of the universe. I think in terms of the X-Men and Fantastic 4, they need to release one set of characters during this phase and then one in a future phase to stop the fans being overwhelmed with new characters.

Phase four must see the fantastic four or the X-Men in my opinion, releasing both sets of characters in the same phase could be detrimental for the MCU especially as both franchises have had terrible reviews over the years. With the number of characters and stories both the franchises have, they would each need a dedicated phase to truly tell their story. Whatever Marvel release during the next phase I think that if they take the appropriate time and get good directors and writers on board, this could be the best phase since the start of the MCU.