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MCU X-Men Fancast!

Who will play Marvel's mutants?

Due to the recent Disney-fox merger, there has been a lot of theorizing about who will play the fantastic four in the MCU, it is only natural that the X-Men will follow that theorizing with the same question. However the introduction of the X-Men to the MCU will have more challenges than the Fantastic Four as they will need to explain where the mutants have been this whole time and why they haven't been known of, but with the capable people of Marvel in charge, I'm sure this will be no problem.

The actors chosen for these roles must understand the love that the fans of Marvel have for these characters and how long they have been waiting for the X-Men to be involved in the MCU. During this article, I have chosen what actors I think should be cast as the X-Men for whenever they debut into the MCU. 

Phoenix - Holland Roden

Although the Fox X-Men films have focused on an older mentor Jean Grey, I think that the X-Men in the MCU should only have a few older members such as Wolverine, Professor Xavier, and Mystique. Due to this, I think that the Phoenix that we get in the MCU should be a bit younger. Holland Roden would be perfect for this role in the MCU as she has the perfect mix of acting experience and youthful looks.

Holland Roden is one of the stars of the hit show Teen Wolf. In this show she plays Lydia Martin who in the show has the power of the banshee. I think that Roden could bring a lot of her acting skills from being the banshee into the role of Jean Grey. Not to mention that she certainly looks the part with the bright ginger hair.

Mystique - Charlize Theron

Mystique has always been one of the coolest X-men in my opinion. Jennifer Lawrence is the main actor who comes to mind when I think of Mystique. An older actress playing mystique would be perfect for the MCU X-men as she could hold the mentor role for some of the younger members of the squad.

Theron would absolutely kill it in an MCU X-men film as Mystique. She was amazing in Atomic Blonde which had a lot of action in it which she could use during a performance as Mystique. She also has the body type and would look amazing with the blue skin and red hair.

Nightcrawler - Ezra Miller

Nightcrawler is my favourite character in the recent X-men films. The way the character looks and moves are both very eccentric and it would take an amazing actor to undertake the role. 

Ezra Miller is a fantastic choice to play the MCUs Nightcrawler. He has a very unique facial structure which would look amazing with the blue skin and the long blue hair. He is also a fantastic actor being in many films over the years such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Stanford Prison Experiment. He also plays the DCEU's Flash which has prepared him for the superhero roles.

Beast - Will Poulter

The Beast that comes to my mind whenever I think of the character is the one played by the fabulous Kelsey Grammer. However, I think that the Beast that will appear in the MCU should be a lot younger. This is because I liked the Nicholas Hoult portrayal of beast.

Will Poulter would fit into the role of Beast very easily as he already suits the look of Beast. He also has previous experience with the action genre having played Gally in The Maze Runner series. Finally, he would suit the blue skin and hair well and would only need to bulk up a little.

Storm - Yara Shahidi

Storm has been a staple of the X-men since they were first introduced on the silver screen, in the past Storm has been played by Halle Berry and Alexandra Shipp. With Storm having such a unique look I think that the actress to play her should be someone not too famous that already looks somewhat like the character.

Yara Shahidi would be an excellent choice to play Storm in the MCU. She is fairly unknown in the acting world with her most notable opportunity being in the show Black-ish since 2014. I think that Shahidi would jump at the chance to star in an X-men movie and personally think she would kill it as Storm. Also with the addition of the white hair, she would look amazing as the character.

Angel - Ansel Elgort

To introduce Angel into the MCU will take a very talented actor. This is due to his eventual change from Angel to Archangel; this will take some serious acting ability as the character of Angel has some serious emotional issues, especially when the mutant gene kicks in and he becomes Angel.

Ansel Elgort is the perfect choice for Angel. He is a fabulous actor starring in many successful films such as The Fault in Our Stars and Baby Driver. I think it is time for him to take the step into a high budget action movie to really show off his acting range. X-Men would be the perfect movie to do this with as he has the similar looks of Angel and I feel like he could bring a new dimension to the character. 

Cyclops - Taron Egerton

Cyclops has always been one of my favourite X-Men characters. The way he is portrayed in the comics has been mirrored in the films and I do not think that he has ever been played badly. However, I think that the character of Cyclops needs a high profile actor to introduce him into the MCU.

That’s why I have chosen Taron Egerton as my MCU Cyclops. He is very used to the action movie genre thanks to his performance as Eggsy in the kingsman series, which has been very well received critically. He could use his experience here to crush a performance as Cyclops. He also looks a lot like the character and I am sure he could be the best Cyclops to date.

Wolverine - Tom Hardy

Wolverine has to be the hardest on this list to replace, played by Hugh Jackman for so long he is now the face that everyone thinks of when thinking of Wolverine. It will take a fantastic actor to take the reigns from the previous Wolverine and deliver a convincing performance.

Tom Hardy is the perfect replacement to take over as Wolverine. He already has vast experience in the action genre starring in films such as Venom, The Dark Knight Rises, and Mad Max: Fury Road. He could also bring the gruffness to the character like in the comics and he would look unbelievable in a modern MCU version of the classic costume.

Magneto - Christoph Waltz

Magneto has already been played by Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender, meaning the person to introduce him into the MCU must be an amazing actor to keep up with the performances of past actors. Not to mention the actor chosen has to be amazing at playing a convincing and threatening villain.

Christoph Waltz would be a great choice for the role of Magneto. He could bring a new life into the character not seen before on film. He has also played a superhero villain before in The Green Hornet. He has also very recently starred in the hit film Alita: Battle Angel which was very well received.

Professor Xavier - Bryan Cranston

Professor Xavier is the leader of the X-Men and one of the most memorable Marvel characters of all time. He is also by far the most powerful of all the X-Men. Some fantastic actors, such as Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy, have played him in the past so the new actor must be someone with experience in high budget films.

The perfect casting for Professor X has to be Bryan Cranston. He was fantastic in Breaking Bad playing the character of Walter White, he could bring a lot of that intense performance into the role of Professor X. He would 100 percent crush it as Professor X and not to mention he has already proven he looks amazing bald.

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