Me and Cinema...It's Complicated

And why I only "bother" to watch Superhero movies.

Like many of you, I like going to the movies. What a shocker...(a little-known secret I also enjoy other things like watching television and stuff like that but don't go around letting anyone). I connect some special and fun memories with cinema, and movies in general; from sleepovers with friends where we saw utter garbage like "Superhero Movie", "Disturbia", and those nights where we saw movies that completely changed my mind like "Fight Club" (yeah I know that this makes me a basic bro...but I really love it). Same can be said about those lazy Sundays where me and my family just potato couched our way into all sorts of genres.

But don't get me started on cinema. Yeah, going to the cinema! Ever since I was a wee little lad I loved going to the movies, heck I'll even dare to say it was MIND-BLOWING (all caps because it was indeed mind blowing). To tell you the truth, I have some faint memories of going with my parents to the cinema for the first time. If I'm not mistaken I saw Pocahontas when I was four...again mind blowing. And don't get me started with the cinema "rituals", the popcorns and drinks, the "I really want to see this" reaction to trailers and the post-movie discussion, SO GOOD!

But lately...well, I kinda "niched" my approach to cinema, at first not consciously but as a consequence of my life (dramatic much?). And to be honest I only noticed this recently, apart from some exceptions, I only go to the movies to see Superhero movies. No not the one I mentioned before, I mean Marvel and DC Comic book superhero movies. And I noticed this in the beginning of this month, as I had some free time I thought "why not go and catch a movie?" but as loaded my local theatre schedule I was almost immediately discouraged when I realised that there wasn't any superhero movie out.

Thinking back on this, what I really wanted to do was to see the new "Wonder-Woman" film, it isn't like the movies available were bad or uninteresting, only that...pretty much all the movies I see in the cinema are... Superhero movies. And this got me thinking... why the hell? Yeah, I'm a pretty big fan of comic books, but I love a whole sleuth of genres when I'm *ahem* legally streaming on my laptop, and ultimately if I had to create a top 10 favourite movies, probably one one or two would fall under the Superhero genre.

It took me a while, but I managed to figure it out.Even though I like to say that I am a "lone wolf", that I'm at my best alone and all that edgy stuff, the thing is, these movies were the ones I had (and have) more joy debating and therefore these are the movies I love to talk AS SOON AS I GET OUT of the cinema. Well, that together with the fact that tickets get more expensive every year, and that lives, in general, get more chaotic every day. It ended up being actually a pretty logical choice.

I mean, most of the  superhero movies are usually "popcorn movies" and designed with such vibrant scenes that most ordinary screens kinda dull it out, so me and my friends (at least as a group) kinda gravitated into only seeing superhero movies, and that kinda stuck with me, even when travelling around as I have.

And now I still have to wait a couple of days to see Diana Prince on the big screen... BAH.

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Me and Cinema...It's Complicated
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