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Minor 'Twin Peaks' Characters We Shouldn't Forget

A List

1) Mr. Pinkle

Tim Pinkle was the taxidermist dedicated to stopping the Ghostwood development plans via a speech about his beloved Pine Weasel. He is supposed to work with Dick Tremayne on this project, however the two do not really get along with one another. The chemistry between the two characters creates a dynamic that allows us to see them both in their true form—Pinkle is quite a pompous man, but is genuinely dedicated to the plight of the Pine Weasel, and Tremayne is a righteous, conceited man.

Without this character we would never have witnessed Dick Tremayne with a weasel attached to his nose... for this alone I think we should all remember Tim Pinkle with fondness.

2) Dell Mibbler

As an integral character in the finale of season two, Dell is the bank manager who witnesses Audrey Horne chain herself to the bars of the vault in an act of 'civil disobedience'. His slow shuffling and inability to make a phone call make him not only comical but also mildly frustrating. I would also say that, for me, one of the most poignant take-aways all those years between the season two finale and The Return, was the image of his glasses flying into a tree after the bank exploded.

3) Little Nicky

Seemingly written in purely to infuriate Dick Tremayne, Little Nicky is such a seemingly sweet boy but with a streak of cheekiness inside of him which somehow actually makes him more endearing. Often I forget about Little Nicky until I rewatch, but every time I enjoy his scenes. They're refreshing and always remind me of the naughty kids in school who managed to get away with everything.

Little Nicky also helps us explore the relationship between Andy and Dick, making for many interesting scenes.

4) Johnny Horne

Managing to return in The Return as the same old Johnny—but with a new favourite teddy bear—Johnny Horne is one of the uniquest characters in the Twin Peaks world (quite an achievement!). His love for Laura endears him to viewers in the original seasons of the show, and we feel sorry for him when it becomes apparent exactly how mentally ill he is.

His "A-men!" at Laura's funeral is nothing short of iconic.

5) Denise Bryson

"I prefer Denise if you don't mind." Dennis / Denise Bryson is one of my favourite Twin Peaks characters. Her introduction was one of my highlights of the second series. I see Harry's snide, "so will they," as one of the greatest quips of all time.

A personal highlight from Denise's scenes is the part quite late in season two when Cooper is stuck inside the house and Denise walks up dressed as a waitress with a gun ties to her thigh. I love this scene and find it hilarious that the men are so distracted but the waitress that they allow Cooper to defeat them.

Denise has lots of great lines and her scenes are very entertaining.

There is one line though, "But I still put my panties on one leg at a time if you know what I mean?" that I still do not understand. But I suppose I'm with Agent Cooper on that one. (If anybody does know what this means, please fill me in!)

6) Irene Littlehorse

This one was a suggestion for the list made to me by Cameron Cloutier (whose Youtube channel can be found here).

This character is the estate agent who showed Dead Dog Farm to Agent Cooper.

I actually love the way she says, “I thought I’d taken that one out” when he picks it to visit. She seems so superstitious of the place and it’s funny to watch. Her tone of voice when talking about it can only really be described as wary. I also love that Cooper decided to visit Dead Dog Farm in the first place because of a coin toss.

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Minor 'Twin Peaks' Characters We Shouldn't Forget
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