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'Mojave' Is the Most Intense Thriller You'll See This Year!

From the pen of screenwriter William Monohan, writer of 'The Departed' comes the most intense Thriller your likely to see this year.

It started in the desert and it's gonna end there

Fans of Oscar Isaac will no doubt rejoice seeing him take on such a meaty role in this high strung Thriller that has an edge sharp enough to cut the viewer down to the quick.

We've got ourselves a "Situation" here

So what the hell's this movie about? Well, let me tell you brother:

An 'artist' who's bored with his Hollywood status, Tom (Garret Hedlund), heads into the desert to "find himself". He comes upon a homicidal drifter, Jack (Oscar Isaac), who lives there and an incident occurs that links both of them to a murder.
Fleeing the desert, Tom tries to re-enter his empty life but soon finds that what he thought he'd walked away from is coming to destroy everything he ever cared about.

It's kill or BE killed

Check the trailer out here...

Now 'Mojave' has the makings of a true cult classic in my opinion, there's great dialogue and an amazing chemistry between the two leads Isaac and Hedlund. In fact i'd actually go as far to say they seem to reach the level that Rutger Hauer and Thomas. C. Howell achieved in seminal favourite 'The Hitcher' (1986) and I don't say that lightly.


If you get right down to it the film is a modern day western with the two main "Gunslingers" being drawn together for the inevitable showdown. Anyone who stands between them will be destroyed as the viewer starts to question "which one of them is the real bad guy?".

Personally I couldn't get enough and hopefully this movie will force a revival of this old school genre which has all but become extinct in this 'Superhero Franchise' world we live in.

I'm waiting for you Brother....

'Mojave' is out on DVD and Bluray now, so fans of cinema go seek it out!!

Shakespeare Brother, what did i tell you?