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Move Over Belle And Cinderella, 'Wonder Woman' Could Be A Disney Princess!

You too, Mulan.

The recent super heroine film, Wonder Woman, came out kicking and lasso swinging as it left satisfaction among its viewers. The blockbuster broke the traditional aesthetic surrounding comic book films, introducing a new way to save the world with your friends –– and while doing so, included a scene touched with a bit of inspiration from one of Disney's popular animated films, The Little Mermaid.

The hugely successful company –– home to classics Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, manages to pump out at least one annual animation that's driven by a female lead persevering against all odds. Now, imagine last year's adventure was about an Amazon goddess with a golden robe. Or better yet, take a look at how Wonder Woman could have been a war fighting animated movie made right from Disney!

The Beautiful Land

The enchanting palace coated with sumptuous decorations that may or may not begin to speak at some point, e.g., Belle and her magical objects, this place is home for the growing princess and all of her family and friends. Soon, she'll leave it for a remarkable adventure that's sure to teach her a lesson or two.

Themyscira is that enchanting land for Diana. Even with all of its beauty, the princess yearns for the unknown. Right until that hidden world crash landed right in front of her, beginning her epic adventure to becoming Wonder Woman.

Finding The Guy

And then there's the main guy. Yep, the only guy that sparks a sudden interest within the naive princess, filling her with even more questions about the outside world. He and his kind are sometimes untrustworthy to the parents; similar to King Triton's reaction to Ariel discovering human culture (and Prince Eric), though the warning never stops her from leaving.

The Amazonian people weren't as pleased as Diana once Steve Trevor made his way onto their sacred island. And through interrogation, Queen Hippolyta was able to learn what caused the crash, leading to the discovery of war presently taking place around them. The end result not only piqued the princess' interest, it led her right into the world she'd never known.

Ready For Adventure

The dangerous, yet, somehow intriguing exploration that aids the princess' self discovery in a world that's still new for her. In Disney's Brave, princess Merida disregards the traditions set within her kingdom, and decides to thump, stamp and kick her way down another path for herself.

Diana's first mission with Steve was to deliver Maru's notebook to the Supreme War Council stationed in London. Her first impression of the new land may not have been the best, it never stops her from interacting with the lively community there –– resulting in her meeting a few new faces.

Meeting New Friends

The story wouldn't be fulfilled without a few quirky friends tagging along for the ride, like members of the Moana gang, which consisted of Heihei the rooster and her pet pig Pua. The two brought humor across the open sea adventure just until Maui came along, of course, to steal the show.

Diana's exploration of London led to a fashionable run in with Trevor's friendly secretary Etta Candy. Not long afterwards, Steve gathered his posse, Sameer, Charlie and Chief Napi to fight in the current war created by man; although Diana believed it to be caused by Ares the Gold of War.

The Big Baddie

Then, there's the infamous baddie. The villain who leads man into conquering new lands, like Governor Ratcliffe from the 1995 classic Pocahontas. These characters are known for their malice and having one common trait: their ability to hurt other people.

Growing up on Themyscira, Diana was told stories about Ares, and how one day he'll lead man into war. That day came when she learned about the current war taking place. In her heart, the god was to blame, so she set out to put an end to him. Not until after General Ludendorff's defeat –– who was assumed to be the god –– was she finally able to see humankind was responsible.

Fighting For Something

There's a point in every animated adventure when the princess finds her calling, whether it's from a sudden epiphany, or during a choreographed musical, this moment finalizes everything. In the 1998 feature Mulan, the young maiden disguises herself as a man and enlists into war so her father wouldn't have to. She chooses to fight for her family, even with the odds stacked against her.

After her first encounter with German soldiers, Diana –– now Wonder Woman, believes herself to be the only thing able to stop the World War. When she finds out Ares feeds on man, exploiting their fears and hatred, she puts a stop to him, allowing the chance for humans to restart with love.

The Happy Ending?

Oh, the happy times! Especially, when the princess is able to end things on a much needed happier note. Even the animations with a unique conclusion to their stories, like Moana and Brave –– manage to find a happy ending without attaching the typical prince character with it. Both movies also made sure to exclude a romantic lead from the story altogether.

During the climax, Wonder Woman eventually defeats Ares –– but ends up losing Steve while doing so. The tragedy doesn't ruin her happy ending. Instead, the Amazon later found herself among individuals in Trafalgar Square, celebrating the end of the war in front of a memorialized wall of fallen soldiers. Her happy ending was complete; she saw the good in mankind.

What Disney animation was your favorite? What did you love most about Wonder Woman?

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Move Over Belle And Cinderella, 'Wonder Woman' Could Be A Disney Princess!
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