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My Favourite Cosplays (Part Two)

Featuring: 'Bioshock's' Elizabeth, 'Zelda's' Big Poe, and 'Pokemon's' Misty

Pictured: Rosanna Pansino as Elizabeth, Bioshock: Infinite

Welcome back to my cosplay series, in which I list my favourite looks by personalities I admire regardless of whether they designed the costumes themselves.

Today, I'd like to kick this particular list off with:

1) Rosanna Pansino as Elizabeth from 'Bioshock: Infinite'

I've been watching Rosanna Pansino's videos quite often recently; I think she's absolutely adorable, and makes even the annoyingly trendy challenges and "unboxing" videos delightfully hilarious to watch.

One of her YouTube channel's recurring series is called Nerdy Nummies, in which she shows viewers the step-by-step processes of baking various video game-inspired treats. She will usually dress up as a character from the video's featured game. One such video she posted was her tutorial on baking Salty's Potato Chips from the Bioshock franchise as Elizabeth, and I just had to gush about her cosplay.

Her own peppy image and personality match those of Elizabeth. I also like that she didn't go with a wig and styled her hair differently by letting some curled strands loose for a more updated look.

It's nice that she didn't opt for contact lenses and stuck with her own eye colour; otherwise, coupled with the heavy eye makeup, she would've looked too cartoony. She let her own natural beauty shine through the costume.

I would recommend watching her video to learn how to bake your own chips, and to check out her channel for even more creative baking ideas!

2) Not Carl Cosplay as Big Poe from the 'Zelda' Franchise

I follow Atelier Heidi regularly on Instagram, and I remember coming across a photo she posted of someone cosplaying as Big Poe at Katsucon. I soon realised that Not Carl Cosplay was tagged in the photo, and it was then that I found myself a new favourite cosplayer.

Heidi is absolutely correct in saying that this costume is creative and accurate. It's not often that you see someone cosplaying as any Zelda character other than Zelda herself and Link, and it really does look exactly like the Big Poe from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. He's just befittingly life-sized in the real world.

I actually like that Carl didn't make his costume too purple, as I think it would've cheapened the look, and it gives off the illusion of other shades depending on the lighting. Carl has also effectively captured the idea that no matter how hard these Poes try to appear scary, they just can't shake their own cuteness.

It is clear that a lot of time, effort, thought, and intricacy went into this costume, and it all paid off handsomely. Carl is apparently relatively new in the cosplay world, and I sincerely wish him all the best in his craft.

3) Commander Holly as Misty from the First 'Pokemon' Series

I'm admittedly not the biggest fan of Pokemon, so I tend to ignore anything related to the franchise—until I saw another cosplayer I greatly admire cosplay as Misty, that is.

I'll get to her trademark look on another day; for now, I just want to talk about how Holly Conrad (AKA Commander Holly) is proof that you don't always have to strive to make the most complicated costumes ever. There's also something to be said about effective simplicity, and she demonstrated this in her 1-Day Misty Cosplay Tutorial video.

I think this is a great look for the character. In fact, I'd say Holly's rendition is more youthful and playful than the original. Instead of Misty's spiky, orange hair that she keeps in that weird side ponytail, Holly opted for a cute red flower headband to complement her then-wavy blonde bob. It all goes really well with the rest of the outfit, especially where the colour scheme is concerned.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to bringing you the next part in this series!

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My Favourite Cosplays (Part Two)
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