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My Favourite Minor Callbacks to Original Characters

It's very good to see you again old friend.

1.) Mike Nelson

My favourite has got to be Mike Nelson. Despite not even liking Mike in the original seasons (truth be told, I used to think his part was pretty pointless—I just found him very annoying), I found his scene in The Return a wonderful moment. Seeing a punk like Mike working a high position job in a school—and seeming to take it quite seriously—was humorous, unexpected, and ultimately a brilliant idea.

What makes this scene even better is that the tricky student he is trying to tackle is the infamous Steven ("everybody loves Steven!"). Although Steven is much more of a degenerate than Mike ever was, seeing him be reprimanded by a now mature Mike was outstanding. The fact he calls Steven an asshole after he has left the room is the cherry on the cake.

About this scene I would also like to express appreciation for the length of the callback Mike got. Some original characters such as Leland Palmer didn't seem to quite get the scenes they deserved, but for Mike this seems like the perfect snippet—he was never a main character but this really works. We get an insight into how his life is now, without beginning to get bored by too much information about someone who was never a central, integral character. Not to mention that this scene is incredibly well-acted and amusing.

2.) Audrey Horne

Although I find it sad that Audrey's part in series three was only a minor callback, I still really appreciated the chance to see her character live again. The quality of her scenes was good, and I greatly enjoyed the mystery surrounding her new life.

While I would have liked to have some additional background regarding the life Audrey has led between when we last saw her and now, I didn't find that that took away from the fact that once again her character was alive on her screens. For me that was enough.

My favourite of her new scenes has got to be her dance. I felt that it perfectly captured the essence of the character we have always known as Audrey Horne. Sherilyn Fenn did a wonderful job of capturing those feelings all over again, and I expect this was a fun scene to film as well.

3.) Laura Palmer (Not to Be Confused with Carrie Page)

"Laura is the one." Be it in visions, the re-writing of history, or simple flashbacks, Laura will always be a huge part of Twin Peaks. Her everlasting scream and the beauty and dark nature of her character will never not be enchanting.

My highlight was the scene that extended from episode 17 to episode 18 of her walking through the woods holding the hand of Agent Cooper. It was beautifully shot, and the angles and makeup were done cleverly to make it look as though Sheryl Lee had not aged at all. The entirety of this was filled with tension and mystique, and I adored every minute of Laura's involvement.

4.) Garland Briggs

Although not able to be physically in the series, unfortunately rendering his involvement less minor than he deserved, Garland Briggs was a key character in The Return of Twin Peaks. The mysterious circumstances surrounding his death and his floating head keep him firmly involved in the craziness of Twin Peaks.

My favourite part of his involvement, however, is his legacy. While the things he did whilst he was alive entangle him in various plot-lines throughout the series, my favourite thing about what was done with this character is what he left behind for Bobby. Thanks to the vision he told Bobby about in season two, we already knew that he had seen a bright future for his son. However seeing this pan out in the way that it did was one of my favourite parts of the series. That he had so much faith in Bobby turning his life around and leaving that clue to him—being the only person who knew what Jack Rabbit's Palace was—left me feeling warm and happy. I felt that his story-line—even post-death—was executed perfectly.

5.) Lucy's Baby

We know know that he was a boy named Wally Brando. Before the beginning of the third season, I wrote a list of questions that I was hoping would be answered. While some of them were not, the question of what happened to Lucy's baby was thankfully not one of them.

We meet Wally as he returns from what looks like a motorcycle road trip. He is doing what seems to be an impression of Marlon Brando, who Andy has previously said he shares a birthday with. Knowing that the couple have a son and that they all seem to be happy is lovely to see—although I am not quite sure what I make of Wally himself!

After the whole drama we saw unfolding between Lucy and Andy I found it incredibly endearing to be able to see that they had stayed together all this time, and that they are happy with a child. Slightly off point, but I also enjoyed the scenes we saw of them working together - same old Lucy!


My Twitter: @missytwinpeaks

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My Favourite Minor Callbacks to Original Characters
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