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My Love and Hate Relationship With Netflix

How streaming entertainment sucks in my soul.

It all starts out innocently enough. We get lured into streaming an endless amount of shows for a sliver of the cost of cable or satellite TV. I was on board with Netflix since the good old days of actual DVD rentals. I even took a break from the service thinking I had seen all there is to see and that was it. For a while...

I came back to Netflix after trying the streaming service from my video game system. That service was horrible. I decided to come back to Netflix and Hulu and what do you know, having them both was still cheaper than anything else. 

Of course, I am a follower of all those typical shows, The Walking Dead, Orange is The New Black, Stranger Things, etc. I can find pretty much every show I watch on either service. Sadly, I can't watch The Walking Dead live shows, but I am not paying $30 a month just to be able to watch ONE show. 

I love that Netflix has entire seasons of shows. I also hate that Netflix has entire seasons of shows. My reasons are as follows:

  1. My couch gets a semi-permanent butt imprint for two days because I get sucked into it. Minimal restroom breaks, occasionally forgetting to eat, I don't move and keep hitting the next episode button every.single.time.
  2. I work at home. I also have low self-control to discipline myself away from distractions. Goodbye to at least two days of productivity!
  3. SHOW HOLES ARE REAL. You know that feeling. When you binge an entire season in one day (I am talking to you Fuller House!). You know you are getting close to the end, you know that your show excitement is about to hit the toilet because you have to wait an entire year for more. The sad desperation of having to leave your favorite characters sets in.
  4. Cliff hangers REALLY suck. Is there anything worse than finding a new series that you like and streaming the whole season in a binge, only to have to wait to see if someone literally lived, died, got pregnant, hooked up, etc?
  5. The whole "Because you watched..." feature. This is a double edged sword. On the one hand it is great to find titles that sort of fit what you already watched, but it also causes you to get addicted to a whole other show and starts this whole show list over again. It also doesn't come in handy when you just recently watched a racy movie like American Pie, because it causes other racy titles to pop up with sometimes racy movie covers, meaning if you have kids around, they could see big boobs, butts hanging out or in the case of Grace and Frankie, see a giant vibrator on the cover photo. Yeah, that was fun lying to my eight-year-old son about what that device really was. Sure he has his own little kid friendly account but sometimes he just plops next to me on the indented couch randomly and I have to switch everything to avoid all of it. 

So you can see, I spend at least some time each day with Netflix in my life. I probably communicate more with my Netflix than I do with my husband, Calm down judge-ey people, my husband is an over the road truck driver and legally can't be talking to me all day long. I do love the service and the price, and REALLY love all the original programs that were made specifically for the service. But I hate it because it is so great that I have lost countless hours of my life in the pursuit of good entertainment.

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My Love and Hate Relationship With Netflix
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