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My Problem with Jordan Peele's 'Us'

'Us,' by Jordan Peele, was a good movie, but I had a bone or two to pick with it. Beware, that this article will have spoilers.

Poster for Jordan Peele's Us

Let me just start off saying that I liked Us as a whole and I thought it was enjoyable however, when I left the cinema, I left slightly disappointed. After watching Get Out, and watching the trailer for Us, I can certainly say my expectations for this movie were very high and maybe that plays a factor in me being disappointed with this film, but some things didn't quite make sense.

I'll start off with what I liked about this film, which is that I thought it was funny, it was well paced, knew how to build tension, had good acting, and had a good premise. Now, let's talk about what I didn't like, and the first of those is the clones story. Now, I don't want to go into the logistics of how everyone on Earth somehow has an identical evil twin and all seven billion of those clones managed to fit into giant underground tunnels. Let's just say they somehow have enough food, water, and that no one managed to find these people living in the tunnels and leak it to the press. The fact that it moves away from just this one family having evil clones to every one having an evil clone takes away from the story. It feels less personal and less scary now that I know it's not just this family who are in danger, but the whole world is. It goes from being a horror movie, into being a disaster movie.

My second main problem with this film, is the twist. We find out that the mother, played by Lupita Nyong'o, isn't actually the surface world's version of the character but is in fact the evil clone. She swapped herself when both characters were kids, and lived on the surface world instead on in the tunnels. My problem with this twist is that it nothing was gained from it, the character grew up to become a normal functioning member of society who got married and had two kids. She didn't do anything malicious like you might expect from an evil child who swapped lives with her innocent clone. All we got was a concerning smile at the end of the movie to her son, who looks like he just found out who she was. 

The rest of the problems are minor in comparison, so I'll go though them quickly. I thought about it quite a lot, but I don't understand what the evil clones' plans were, all they did was kill a bunch of people and hold hands like the old Hands Across America campaign. What does that have to do with anything? How did they not all immediately die, considering all they had were a pair of scissors and the police had guns? This is America after all, so I'm assuming that some of the civilians also had guns. Why did the evil clones only decide to come out now, rather than before, and what was up with the rabbits? It's unlikely that Jordan Peele will see this and answer some of my questions, but a boy can hope.

If you thought some of my criticism was too harsh and unjustified, let me know. Likewise, if you agreed with me or had some of your own problems, which I missed out, on please let me know and have a nice day.

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My Problem with Jordan Peele's 'Us'
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