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My Review of 'Captain Marvel'

There's a lot of mixed reviews for this movie. What did I think of it?

Captain Marvel is a mysterious entry into the Marvel movie universe. She's mysterious like a lot of the movies that have recently been coming from Marvel. Prior to the movies I haven't heard of Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Ant-Man and so on. I'm not a huge comic book aficionado so I trust that the movies are doing the comics justice. 

After the Infinity War movie I was wondering what was to come after all of the Marvel characters have died off? Technically if all of these characters are dead now what can they really do? I guess move on and live their lives but that's too easy. I guess they're all hoping to stop Thanos so that he doesn't go ahead and kill more people. I really wonder why they're worried about this. Thanos only killed everyone because of overpopulation. Isn't it going to take decades upon decades for the universe to repopulate itself? By then Thanos would probably be too old or even deceased. Anyway, at the end of Infinity War there was a small clip at the end of the movie where Fury called upon Captain Marvel. 

Who is Captain Marvel? We had to wait a pretty long time to figure out but we finally find out in this movie. The problem is when the movie starts she doesn't even know who she is. Her memory is wiped out and she's just living her life the way she's told to live. Slowly she starts to discover new things about herself and the story gets revealed little by little. It is an origin movie so there's going to be a lot of explanation. I found the movie a little slow in the beginning. They had to make it a little slow to explain the whole back story going back and forth through time (despite the movie taking place in the 90s). I guess I realize now how that can be a little confusing. 

Anyway, she soon discovers friends that she used to have and new friends along the way. There was a pretty good twist that threw me off. I think it's funny that they got me, because they used a certain actor that always plays bad guys and played their typecast against me. Good job on that one! There are some predictable spots, but this is a Marvel movie—it's expected. There's also quite a bit of pandering or shout-outs (I'm a little mixed on some of them) to Marvel movies of the past and old 90s songs and fads. 

The movie starts to pick up probably around the middle of the movie. It's pretty enjoyable and sticks to the Marvel formula. I thought there were a few characters that were underutilized. In particular, I think that her co-pilot friend could have played up certain scenes, but I understand her subdued portrayal of the character during action scenes. It's a different take, but I think it could have been a lot more fun. 

One thing they truly excelled in is the visual effects. I have to recommend anyone watching this to watch this in 3D. The effects really pop out in this one. It's actually a better experience with the 3D as some of the space and flight sequences seem more immersive. 

Overall, I had a good time watching this movie. I'm not sure how many times I'd re-watch this movie. I probably will have to re-watch this movie because it's a pretty big event, so many people will invite me to watch this with them. I would have to give this movie a seven out of 10. It is definitely worth watching in the movie theaters in 3D. You should really go check out the visuals for this one, they're amazing. The movie is a fun Marvel popcorn movie. I think if she has a second movie it'll be better because they won't have to explain so much about her. She's so powerful that I'm curious what she's going to do in Avengers: Endgame. 

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My Review of 'Captain Marvel'
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