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My Review of 'Game of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 4

The great war is over, or is it? Here are the crazy things that happened this episode.

So the great war is over and everyone is ecstatic. Arya had saved the day in episode three and I wondered to myself what was next for episode four. How could they end the great war in episode three? Well they still have another war with Cersei to claim the iron throne. Oh yeah! That's right, the true game of thrones.

As I mentioned earlier everyone is ecstatic. You see everyone in Winterfell enjoying themselves as there's a huge party to celebrate their epic win over the night king and his undead army.

We see the two Lannister brothers Jaime and Tyrion together with Brienne and Podrick. They're playing drinking games to learn more about each other. Jon is partying it up with his usual gang. All the while, Daenarys starts to realize she doesn't really have a crew of friends. In all of her adventures, she didn't really make friends. She's been growing her army but no real close relationships with anyone. She would always end her close relationships for the sake of her goal to become the queen of the iron throne.

During the drinking games with the Lannisters and Brienne, we find out that Brienne is a virgin. She becomes uncomfortable and Jaime runs after her. Tormund is heartbroken as he notices that Jaime has stolen his beloved giant lady away from him. That part sucked a bit. I thought Tormund would have put up more of a fight for Brienne, but again there's only two more episodes after this. So, I guess they're pressed for time to do this storyline.

Anyways, I think the show really pandered to the fans when they let Jaime and Brienne shack up. I mean Jaime even at the end tells Brienne how he's so in love with Cersei that he'd do anything for her. Despite his undying love for Cersei he shacks up with Brienne? Whatever, I'll go with it. It seemed really unlikely, but the show's really pandering to fans and I know it.

We also have this tender moment when Gendry walks by and Daenerys tells him that he will no longer be a bastard. She declares him an official Baratheon. He will now be taking over the Baratheon house. It was a nice moment, but at first I didn't know where she was going with it.

Gendry is super excited and he finds Arya. He professes his love for her and proposes to her on the spot. She gently declines as she's still got business to attend to, like killing Cersei. She's still on Arya's kill list. Actually, I think she's the last one on her kill list.

We see some of the characters part ways in the morning. Tormund decides to go back to the true north along with the rest of the Wildlings. It's sad to see him go, because he's such a great character with so many great lines, but I understand.

Jon actually asks Tormund to take Ghost with him to the north with the Wildlings. Yes, Ghost belongs in the north, but it would have been awesome to see him in the fight. He didn't really do much and I'm kind of shocked that he's still alive. We see that he's totally war torn as he's missing part of his ears and has scars all over him. It was kind of weird that Jon didn't even bother saying bye to his beloved dire wolf.

We also see Sam and Gilly leave. Jon recognizes that Gilly is pregnant with Sam's baby so that's really nice to have happened. This again felt like fan pandering because to be honest I don't think Sam should have survived the last episode. He really has no fighting skills and was attacked by a horde of undead.

So Daenerys believes that they've got great momentum with that grand win against the night king. She wants to attack Cersei right away. Everyone is against it, but Jon is adamant to follow Daenerys and make her understand that he's totally obedient to her despite the fact that he has a better claim to the throne than she does.

They have a bitter argument about it because Daenerys doesn't want Jon to tell anyone his secret, but Jon being the boy scout that he is cannot tell a lie—especially to his family. He tells his family but also tells them to keep it under wraps.

Varys and Tyrion discuss the fact that Jon has a better claim to the throne but Tyrion is loyal to Daenerys whereas Varys is loyal to whatever he believes is better for Westeros. They all know Jon would be a better leader despite the fact he doesn't want to be the king to the iron throne at all.

Little by little more people are getting wind of the news that Jon is the rightful leader of the seven kingdoms. This may come into play in later episodes. Who are we kidding? It will definitely come up.

So Daenerys being the hothead that she is decides to go for an attack. She and her navy fleet are blindsided by Euron with his new dragon killing harpoon launchers. This was a bit of a pleasant surprise. We see one of Daenerys' dragon hit in the chest by the arrow as they're flying toward the ships. I thought okay he took a hit I'm sure he'll be fine. It's Jon's dragon, after all. Then it got hit again! I then thought, "Oh no that's bad news." Then another arrow went right through the dragon's head and the dragon dropped into the water. Whoa! That dragon is dead!

Euron's attack is relentless and he takes out Daenerys' naval fleet and they capture Missandei. This was a pretty good catch as she's really close to Daenerys as well as Grey Worm.

Cersei seems to be playing the game so nicely thus far. They're trying not to kill innocent casualties within King's Landing as it would destroy their political careers on the iron throne.

Daenerys has a futile discussion with Cersei and Missandei is executed in front of them. It was great that Missandei was able to yell, "Dracarys" before she dies. This indicated to them that they should burn it all. Oh man, Daenerys walks off super pissed off after seeing one of her best friends executed in front of her. This works perfectly for Cersei as she wants Daenerys to continue to be hotheaded and make irrational decisions.

I'm not sure what's in store for the next episode. There's plenty of mystery left for the last two episodes. There has to be a huge battle because the last episode needs to be an epilogue after the battle.

The hound and Arya are headed to King's Landing. The hound obviously wants to fight the mountain and Arya wants to take out Cersei. Those will be two interesting scenarios.

Jaime has gone back to his precious Cersei leaving Brienne all brokenhearted. Was this part of the plan or something else?

Bronne decided not to kill Tyrion and Jaime as they promised him High Garden as his prize rather than Cersei's promise of Riverrun. That'll be interesting to see how he plays out in the next episode.

Overall, this episode felt more like the Game of Thrones that we're all used to. The politics and drama with crazy amounts of question marks. There was a lot of pandering to fans but overall it was a generally enjoyable episode. I'll give this episode an eight-and-a-half out of ten.

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My Review of 'Game of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 4
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