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My Review of 'Sons of Anarchy: Season 4'

More Twists and Turns with This Season of 'Sons of Anarchy'

With each season of Sons of Anarchy it seems to be getting crazier and crazier. The twists and turns keep me guessing and I don't know what's going to happen next. This is a good way to keep Sons of Anarchy fans coming for more. 

In season three they ended it with Jax and the rest of the motorcycle gang going to jail. It was a crazy ending because so much had happened in that season. The gang had just come back home from Ireland and got Jax's son back. Gemma is wanted because of her encounter with agent Stahl. Agent Stahl has been their enemy for so long and fans of the show can appreciate how much of a good villain she was. This is the season where Opie finally gets justice for agent Stahl trying to set him up as a rat and getting his wife killed. It was pretty satisfying especially since he spared her and then saw that she couldn't change her colors so he had to kill her. Things got crazy when we thought Jax had did the unthinkable. We thought he had made a deal with agent Stahl to rat on the gang to help Gemma and the rest of the gang. Instead it was an elaborate plan to double-cross Stahl and get the Sons off.  

This season starts off after a period of time in prison. The gang has served their time and they're finally out. You can see that everyone has changed after their time in prison. There were mishaps that had happened in prison that had changed them and the circumstances of the series. For the most part it seemed nice that everyone is happy to be back together. It seemed that everything was back to normal but the ghost of season two came back to haunt everyone in this season. When  the gang left Ireland Maureen Ashby had left some letters written by Jax's father with Jax. Tara found the letters early and knew that the letters would jeopardize Jax by how he would react to them. Only a few people know about the letters word gets around. The letters were of particular interest to Clay and Gemma. They really want to get rid of the letters for some reason. You'll find out in this episode why. 

There are some major changes to a lot of the characters and I would say that this season is a changing of the guard. Positions within SAMCRO change significantly in this season. I hate the fact that I can't tell you about it in this review. I'll talk about it in my season five review. I don't want to spoil it for you. There's also a few characters that are killed off. If you've been following the series you'll really like this season because it's like a roller coaster ride. There are so many steep highs and lows that you won't want to get off the ride.

Overall I would say that this season is big change to the series. It's a faster pace than we're used to from seasons one through three. It's a welcome change because all of the characters are established now and new characters grow throughout the series for us to learn who they are. We don't have to have full episodes dedicated to learning who they are. I would like to give this season a nine out of 10. I'm not sure how well you'll appreciate this season if you start it from scratch but they now provide a little recap before each episode so it might be possible. 

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My Review of 'Sons of Anarchy: Season 4'
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