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My Review of the Movie 'Glass'

The third movie after 'Unbreakable' and 'Split,' but I don't consider this a trilogy.

I've been seeing some interesting reviews of this movie, and to be honest, some of them turned me off from watching Glass. I was worried because I loved Unbreakable when it first came out and I really liked Split, especially with that huge twist at the end. So, Glass was supposed to be one of my most highly anticipated movies for 2019, and it was! At least it was until I read the reviews for this movie. Apparently, a lot of people didn't like the ending of the movie and they didn't like the pacing of the story.

It's well into February and Glass has been out for a while. I was out with my girlfriend and we were trying to choose a movie to watch. When I mentioned Glass she said, "Yeah, why don't we watch that one?" Of all of the movies that are out right now, I had to agree with her. Why not? There's another movie that I was supposed to watch, but I can't watch it yet because I promised my brother I'd watch it with him as well.

So going to the movie theater, I was a little worried because of what I read and those reviews stuck in my head. It's funny how they stick in your head for a while. Just like everyone had mentioned in their reviews, the opening was amazing. I was amazed at the pace of how the movie started off. M. Night Shayamalan movies don't usually start off this fast. It already seemed to be at a different pace. It was daring for him, but I loved it.

I have to say I really loved his use of color and textures in the film to really identify each of the characters and the settings. Each of the characters are branded with a specific color and you can identify which character they're going to be exploring by the setting of the scene.

There was also a ton of attention to detail. There were flashback moments that I didn't remember at first, but then jogged my memory after a few seconds. I loved that the original cast of the past movies are all there. Even Shayamalan's cameo was consistent with his other movies.

I truly enjoyed this movie from start to finish. I really wasn't sure what the other reviewers were talking about. I watched spoiler reviews afterwards to get a better insight into why people didn't really dig it. It's funny because they're ragging on this movie because things didn't make sense to them. I'm a little bit of a hypocrite in this department. I didn't think the consistency of power levels between characters in Infinity War didn't make sense (as an example: Black Widow has no powers, and yet, she can go toe to toe with an alien that's beaten all of her super powered friends). That totally threw me off and made me not enjoy the movie, but yet, everyone ignored it. People thought, hey this is a superhero movie not everything is going to make sense. This is kind of how it is for this movie for other reviewers.

There were a few things that didn't make sense that kind of threw me off, but it was few and far between. The big difference between Infinity War and this movie was that I felt that with Infinity War the whole point of the movie was going from fight to fight. The whole emphasis was the fight and if the fighting doesn't make sense it gives me a bad taste. In this movie, there is a huge twist at the end that makes you realize the emphasis isn't on what you were expecting to focus your attention on. Shayamalan does a whole switcheroo on the audience and I liked it!

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I would even say it's a movie that I would want to purchase and have additional viewings. That's how you know you have a good movie. If I want to watch it over again then it gets a higher score despite the flaws of the movie. So I'll give this movie a nine out 10. I think anyone that needs to make extra spoiler reviews on top of their original reviews or watched this multiple times on their own volition should not be giving this movie a bad score.

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My Review of the Movie 'Glass'
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