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My Review of the Movie 'Sing'

I was reluctant to watch this movie. Did I eventually like it?

Sing is a movie based on a number of animated animals with large aspirations of becoming superstars that never seemed to pull through. Each of these animals has a reason as to why they prevented themselves from becoming big stars, but they're all talented singers. They've all lost hope and it's up to a koala bear by the name of Buster Moon (voiced by Matthew McConaughey) to bring them all together to make a fantastic live show.

I have to admit, I was really apprehensive when this movie came up on Netflix. I didn't want to watch it at all because it didn't appeal to me in any way. My brother wanted to watch it because he's a sucker for animated animals, and I didn't have any better alternatives, so we watched it. I have to admit, it took a little while, but I warmed up to each of the characters and they eventually charmed me. This doesn't usually happen too often when I really don't want to watch a movie, so I was pleasantly surprised with this film.

This is, first and foremost, a family film. I guess that's obvious because of the cute animated animals, but there are a ton of animated movies like this. It's hard to make a movie like this to shine above the rest when Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks seem to churn these movies out like a factory. In order to keep this movie fresh and engaging, they needed to create characters with tons of charisma and charm, and they did that in spades. There's a jovial mood to this movie, even when everyone seems to be down and out. The bright colors and colorful personalities really pop in this movie.

The gradual character progression of each of the characters was great. Not surprisingly, there are a bunch of characters in this movie. I applaud the director of this movie Garth Jennings for being able to juggle each of the character's story arcs into this movie without the audience losing their interest. It's a really well-balanced movie and I never wondered about other characters when certain featured characters were on screen. Each character had their shine, and in an entertaining way. Also, each of their stories are varied, so they don't intersect each other's stories and they are specific to the character.

I know it's a long shot but try to have an open mind when watching this movie. It might not be your thing but it's actually very entertaining. This is coming from a guy that converted from being indifferent to becoming a fan. I learned that sometimes I have to be more open with the selection of movies I watch. Sometimes there are some hidden gems that you wouldn't expect. This was one of them.

It was a nice save for me, too. I wasn't particularly in a good or bad mood, but after I watched Sing, my mood was uplifted and I felt better. I had a better outlook in my day after watching it. I guess that's one good thing about watching family movies. You can kind of expect to have a happy ending and the movie will try to uplift your day to become more positive. And I knew this would be the case, as there were a lot of predictable moments in the movie.

Overall, I will give this movie an 8 out of 10. It's not a perfect movie, but I will definitely buy this movie on 3D Blu-ray to check out the effects. It is a beautiful movie and I'd like to see what they did with their 3D effects. It's not a perfect movie. There were aspects of predictability, but it's a family movie, so I knew I had to shut my brain off to enjoy this one. Why would you critically think about a family cartoon movie anyways? In a way, I don't really need to see a sequel for this movie. It's fine as a standalone movie that everyone can watch and enjoy.