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My Top 5 Lady Youtubers

Y'all need to see these ladies.

1. Stef Sanjati

This woman is a goddess. I found her on Youtube a little over a year ago, and I was so happy. She's a vlogger, and here is why she stands out more than the others that are out there. She's openly a transgender woman and openly talks about her mental illness. This is something that hits close to home with me on both fronts. She's funny, beautiful, and smart. She covers many different topics, including details on her transition that include surgeries and hormones. She is a great resource to baby trans girls who are considering hormonal transition, and those interested in surgery. She also talks about her mental illness a whole lot. She vlogs here good days, her bad days, and her day in between. It's so helpful to know you're not alone when you're mentally ill and she offers such great wisdom for dealing with depression. Big bonus? She has the cutest dog in the world. I highly recommend her. 

2. heyitsfeiii

Shout out to my girl—she is a godsend when it comes to skin care. She tries out different skin care products and goes over how it works on her skin. I'll admit, I've bought things based off of her recommendations before, and I have never regretted it. She is super interesting too, and I enjoy watching her travel vlogs a lot (and spend a lot of time being jealous). She's open about her past experiences with bad skin and how to deal with bullies. I highly recommend for my fellow oily skinned people who constantly try new things to clear your skin. She's likable, fun to watch, and helpful.

3. Sailor J

This Youtuber does not post as much anymore and was more active about a year ago, unfortunately, but she's still so funny and a good watch. She often just calls us all out on our shit. Our zodiac sign, our Harry Potter house, and then some genuinely funny stuff, nothing is safe from her and her tea. She's very entertaining, so I recommend giving her a subscription and watching some of her stuff. Maybe she'll come back with some great new content! I feel like she needs to do our Avatar: The Last Airbender element too. She really just roasts us.

4. jessicanigri

This woman. Wow. My gay heart can't take her. She is super funny, super beautiful, and the biggest nerd I've here seen. She is both goals for who I want to be as a person, and goals for bae. She doesn't spend as much time on YouTube as she used to. She mainly focuses on her Patreon, and is doing a bunch of other projects, which includes voicing Cinder from RWBY. She has great Cosplay and tips on how she makes her stuff. I've watched her stuff for my own cosplays, but she is just mind blowing in her talet with making cosplay and her photoshoots. She used to do these Mail Mondays that I looked forward to every week. They're worth the watch just for the humor of her. Please check her out.

5. Safiya Nygaard

She is my most recent find on YouTube, and I love what she covers. She really just goes at it, and covers all the things I'm curious about, but too poor to do. She was a Buzzfeed YouTuber, but then left and made her own channel to have her own thing going. She buys all those thing we think look good or are advertised to us, and shows it off. She gives reviews and opinions, and it's honestly hilarious to see her try these things out sometimes. It stops me from buying those things and wasting my money, because I get to see it for myself with her (especially the Wish stuff. I need to stop buying stuff on Wish).

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My Top 5 Lady Youtubers
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