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My Top 5 Netflix Dramas


Okay, so this list is obviously based on my personal preference, but it's no coincidence that they are also among the top rated on Netflix! Hope you guys enjoy!

1. 'Criminal Minds'

Criminal Minds is about a professional team of FBI profilers who analyze the country's most aberrant and notorious criminals, and work to be one step ahead of the game before perpetrators strike again. Agent David Rossi is the founder of the program known as the Behavioral Analysis Unit, and evidently the most experienced. There is also agent Emily Prentiss, an introverted but skilled daughter of diplomats. Dr. Spencer Reid (my absolute fave!) is the socially awkward but also genius baby of the team. Next is Jareau, or JJ, who was initially the team's liaison and eventually a profiler who also manages to be a mother and wife. There is also Penelope (second fave!) who is the most charming computer hacker genius! I will stop there so that I don't ruin the show for you, but definitely give it a go, you won't regret it!

2. 'Grey's Anatomy'

If you haven't already seen Grey's, what are you doing with you life? Where to start?! There's the famous Meredith Grey, the main character and the rock of the show. She is a mix of stone cold and the most caring person of the show—and not to mention, she is also extremely talented! There's McDreamy, the lucky neurosurgeon who wins Meredith over! Christina Yang, the really mean (but you'll learn to love her!) best friend of Grey. It is just a whole group of highly skilled surgeons, residents, etc. who will make you hate them while also winning your heart over. You might even learn how to be a surgeon and be able to skip medical school! (LOL)

3. 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'

My personal interests involve criminal justice and I think that is why I enjoyed and continue to enjoy this show so much! I love that it keeps up with current political and social issues, bringing them to light. It revolves around a group of detectives who you'll see grow as the show goes on into captains, sergeants, etc. You'll see how each of them goes through the struggle of managing their own lives outside of the force and how it inevitably puts their lives in danger, as well as their loved ones. It's a great show to watch if you enjoy new perspectives on hot button issues!

4. 'Scandal'

This show, by far, will make you think the most and wonder if this is how our government and the White House really work! (LMAO) I mean, everything from rigging presidential elections, love affairs, double crossing, perjury, mass murder, and much more! At the center of it all is Olivia Pope, a strong-minded, intelligent woman who serves as a support system for many in times of duress. When you're in trouble, who you gonna call?! You can call the Ghostbusters, but I'll be calling POPE AND ASSOCIATES!

5. 'Weeds'

This one will definitely make you throw your screen out the window! Nancy Botwin, a mom of two boys and recent widow, now has to figure out how to make ends meet. As if the title wasn't a huge spoiler already, she goes into the weed business and starts selling to her friends and neighbors. A suburban widow selling weed? Let's just say it doesn't go as smooth as planned. This entire family has a way of making you hate them, but also love them at the same time! Without ruining it for you, I'll just say that if I ever needed to get out of some deep sh*t, I would want the Botwins in my corner.

Hopefully, I have added on to your "watch list" for Netflix! Let me know what you think or what shows you recommend! ([email protected])

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My Top 5 Netflix Dramas
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