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Netflix Cancelled 'Iron Fist'

The Wrong Marvel Show

In 2015 Netflix began releasing their Marvel shows that fans were hoping would crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That crossover never happened.

To date they have released two seasons of Daredevil with a third to be released next week. Two seasons of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. The even did an eight episode crossover show between the four heroes called The Defenders. Now they announced that Iron Fist will not be returning for a third season.

Since Netflix doesn’t release the number of viewers each of their original shows receives, I won’t make an assumption about that being the reason Iron Fist is cancelled and the other Marvel shows continue. What I will say is that of the four Marvel shows, on IMDB, Iron Fist is rated the lowest with a 6.7 out of 10. Both Daredevil and Jessica Jones are 8 out of 10’s and Luke Cage is sitting at a 7.5. 

While I understand a lot of fans don’t like the show as much as the other three and some fans even complained about white washing in the show,  that part doesn’t make sense to me. Danny Rand was white in the comics, changing him to something else in the show would be reverse white washing but no one ever complains about that. Examples of this would be the Supergirl show turning Jimmy Olsen into a black guy or the Flash turning Iris West and the whole West family black. I don’t have a problem with it but I’m tired of people crying about white washing and then saying the other is just being inclusive.

I enjoyed Iron Fist and thought Luke Cage should’ve been the one to be canceled. Iron Fist included a lot of ninja, martial arts, and mystical elements. Luke Cage focused too much on street crime and gang violence. I thought Luke Cage was better in The Defenders and when he appeared in Jessica Jones. 

And yes I know that Daredevil pry had the best of both and yes that is why I think Daredevil is the best of all the Marvel Netflix shows. Jessica Jones was fantastic but I considered it to be more a detective thriller. The Defenders even had a mystical element to it. 

Luke Cage was given his powers of unbreakable skin and super strength from a sabotaged experiment. Danny Rand had to earn the abilities of the Iron Fist through training and being tested in K’un L’un. For me I enjoy a story of someone who had to work for something or the experiment gone wrong. 

If I was in charge of running the Marvel Netflix shows, I would use Luke Cage like the MCU does with the Hulk. Both serve their purpose but neither one go up against villains who push them since they are both in essence indestructible. That’s not fun to watch. When a hero has a villain who challenges them, it makes both characters more interesting. The Kingpin pushed Daredevil, Kilgrave gave Jessica Jones a foe she had to out think and deal with mental issues, and Iron Fist had Davos or the Steel Serpent who knew Danny’s secret and wanted to be the Iron Fist. Luke Cage to me was basically a bullet proof man dealing with a gun fight. 

Hopefully Netflix brings The Defenders back together for another season. I would love to see Finn Jones continue in the role. Or if The Defenders won’t be coming back, use the Iron Fist in the other shows in sort of a special guest role. Like they already do with nurse Claire Temple.

Overall, Iron Fist was a more interesting story and Netflix cancelled the wrong show.

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Netflix Cancelled 'Iron Fist'
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